Oct 14 2012

Bash at the Beach

On Saturday, 29 September 2012, the FIRST Northwest Robotics Gearheads competed in the fourteenth annual Bash At the Beach competition hosted by the following FIRST teams: the 236 Techno Ticks, the 2168 Fitch Falcons, the 1699 Bacon Academy Robocats, the 1740 Ledyard High School Colonels and the 2067 Apple Pi. This beach themed party was based on the 2012 FIRST robotics competition, The Rebound Rumble, and was located at the Old Lyme middle school. Driven by Shane Cyr and Eli Wootten, the NRG Robot wowed the competition by finishing second overall in qualifying matches– not bad for rookies! The team then played their way to the semi-finals where they finished third out of twenty-four completing teams from Connecticut and Massachusetts. NRG received the K.I.S.S. Award for “Keeping it Simple and Stable” with the robot’s reliable design and stability. Congratulations Gearheads!