Jan 30 2015

Money, Programming and Tinning Oh My!

For some time now, the intrepid Finance team has been struggling with going back and filling in some blank spots in the financial history, using a software the team has access to, called Quick Books. It took a long time and a lot of hard work, but the Finance team members persevered and conquered this challenge, now allowing anyone who needs to clear and consise access to financial-related information they might need. Our deputy Finance team captain diligently worked with the business office of the High School the team was founded in, and while it took some work, in the end both sides got what they needed.

NRG has been continuously reconstructing our drive train to fit it to our robot, which is progressing well towards completion. I know I can speak for everyone when I say that I cannot wait to see the final result. It is one thing to see CAD drawings, another completely to observe the final result in action!

Our programmers have been painstakingly working to learn how to use a different class within Java. They have overcame a multitude of challenges  and are beginning to set up and run the new programming so that they can see if they were successfully in their endeavor.

The process of tinning and soldering parts together is underway, proving to be beneficial to a new customized drivers station. It is being designed and built for this game, so hopefully it will be as successful as possible.

15 more work days [baring all snow days and cancellations because of the weather]!