Jan 27 2014

A Decision was Made? Possibly

Tonight we, as a team, voted on whether or not to continue working with the current design, or to move on to an alternate design. We had an even number of students present who voted, and the result was a tie. Many did not realize this was a possibility because in previous discussions the team seemed to be leaning heavily in one direction. Because of the result of the voting, the mentors suggested, and the team agreed to continue improving the current design, and after two and a half full work sessions, the team agreed to vote again. If this vote was a tie, than the whole team would whole-heartedly get behind working on the current design. If the vote goes toward the current design, we continue working on that. If more vote for an alternate design, than work on an alternate design will begin work immediately.

Tomorrow night, we vote whether or not to continue with the current design.