Feb 08 2013

Parent Support Request

Karen Cook wanted to send you, the parents of NRG 4055, the following message regarding the meal sign up. This is a follow-up message to ask for your continued support of our kids and their mentors as they work hard towards their goal…a Championship robot! Thank you to all who have contributed so far. I know the snacks and lunches are greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, we have lots of open spaces when we need parents to step up. Please consider what you can provide and sign up. If you know of a business that may be willing to donate a catered lunch or snack, that works too! I’ve added the next two Sundays for lunch because they will now be meeting those days too. Keep an eye on the team website for any meeting changes due to weather. If you know of anyone who might be missing our emails, please let me know. Because response has been sparse, I’m thinking I do not have every parents contact email. Pass the word and encourage your kids to keep you updated. To view the sign up, go to: www.SignUpGenius.com/go/70A0E4FAAA72FAA8-parent/7329186