Feb 08 2013


Recently, the FIRST Robotics Gearheads Team 4055 received a CNC Machine donated by Wittmann Robotics. The CNC Machine, which stands for Computerized Numerical Control, cuts materials including wood, metal, plastic, and foam. The machine can be programmed to cut specific parts for a robot from a design created by a member of NRG. The Gearheads are excited for this addition to their workshop, and are delighted that the CNC Machine will soon be available for use. NRG would like to extend a huge thank you to Wittmann Robotics for their generosity!

The Gearheads are currently over half way through build season, and have been given the difficult task of building a robot capable of throwing a Frisbee as well as climbing a pyramid. Now, in addition to creating this robot, the Gearheads are attempting to cover the costs of the delivery and set-up for the machine. The Gearheads are reaching out to the community to help cover these costs, which amount to approximately $1500. The team is very excited to begin using the CNC Machine, and any donations to help cover this cost would allow the team to begin using the machine and would be greatly appreciated. Please contact NRG 4055 atnrg4055@gmail.com if you are interested in making a donation.