Feb 01 2013

Fw: Welcome to PIne Tree

Welcome to the Pine Tree Regional FIRST Robotics Competition! On behalf of the entire planning committee, we would like to thank you for registering for this inaugural Maine event! We are so excited to have so many teams supporting us in this amazing endeavor. We are so proud you all will be coming to Maine, and we are definitely getting very excited to finally be able to tell our FIRST story to our own communities. This is an incredible opportunity for us as FRC teams, and we are very humbled to be sharing it with some of the best FRC teams out there. We have a few quick updates and information to share with you as you prepare for your trip to Maine! 1. Weather: The most important thing to remember about Maine is that the weather can be pretty unpredictable. Like most of New England, it can be beautiful and 65 one day, and frigid and 20 the next. April is one of the most unpredictable months we experience, as it is our transition to Spring, so please be prepared for anything. Layers are definitely the answer! Rain gear is definitely recommended! 2. Hotels: If you havent booked your hotel and your team is going to need them, it is imperative that you work on this very quickly. The hotels filled much more quickly than we anticipated. There are still options left, but please make reservations quickly! 3. Parking: There is plenty of FREE parking at the event. Busses will be no problem. 4. Volunteers: We are STILL looking for some wonderful volunteers! If you have parents or adults travelling with you, PLEASE ask them to sign up to volunteer for the event through VIMS! We have some AWESOME key volunteers already booked, and this promises to be one of the BEST Regional Competitions in FRC! 5. Food: The prices of the food in the arena have been set! There are plenty of choices for meals and snacks, so be sure to check out the prices on our website! We are asking that food NOT be brought into the arena, although there will not be any checkpoints to sneak through. We are asking everyone to be graciously professional at all times, and remember that supporting our venue with your food purchases means we will be welcome back to this location for many years. You can see the full menu on our website under the Concession Menu! If anyone has questions about this, please dont hesitate to ask! 6. VIP Invitations: If you have a member of your community who is an educator, an administrator, or a business representative, that your team would like to invite to this exciting event, please send their contact information to pinetreeregional@gmail.com and we will send them a VIP invitation from the Pine Tree Regional Committee. We will do our best to show them all the excitement of a FIRST event, as well as let them know how important it is to your team for them to be involved. This is an excellent way to sell your team to your school and town. 7. Social Media: The BEST way to keep up with what we are working on here at Pine Tree is keep up with us on the Social Media scene! Website: www.pinetreeregional.org Facebook: www.facebook.com/MEFirstRegional Twitter: @PinetreeR 8. Robot Load In: Robot Load In times will be Wednesday night (April 3) from 6pm to 8pm as well as Thursday morning starting at 7:45am. Please remember this is for 5 teams members ONLY (4 team members and 1 adult), and that teams are expected to enter the pit area, drop off material, and exit as quickly as possible. PLEASE dont set up your pit, put up banners, etc. This is not the appropriate time for those activities. If these two times dont work for your team, please contact us at pinetreeregional@gmail.com, so we can make other arrangements, if possible. Okay, thats all from the planning committee for now. Again, we are SO excited that you all are coming to Maine, and we welcome you with open arms! This game is a REAL challenge, so we are definitely looking forward to seeing all the awesome solutions that you created! Our website is a GREAT place to get information if you have any questions, but please feel free to email us with any questions as well! Good luck with your build season and we will see you all in April! The Pine Tree Regional Planning Committee www.pinetreeregional.org pinetreeregional@gmail.com