Monthly Archive: March 2015

Mar 04 2015

May I Just Say WOW?

The Gearheads participated in the inaugural Waterbury competition, and everyone on the team is thrilled to be back competing after a challenging build season. It was fantastic to see the variety of designs all the teams had used to achieve the same end goal. The teamwork all the teams exhibited was staggering, and from what I saw in the stands, everyone who was there was enthusiastic in their applause and appreciation.

NRG ended the qualification matches 5th, and was an alliance captain which means that our team got to chose an alliance of other teams with which to compete in the quarter-finals. We were eliminated before the semi-finals, however we enjoyed watching the semi-finals and final matches.

We also received the imagery award, for our visually spectacular display in the stands, thanks to our new Morale Manager! He was awesome!

Shout out to the UberBots and rookies Human Error for a fun alliance, best of luck for the rest of the season to both!