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Apr 29 2014

Robotics Team Celebrated for World Championship Success


Apr 29 2014

NRG 4055 The Blue Alliance

N R G (Northwestern Robotic Gearheads) – Team 4055 (2014) – The Blue Alliance

Apr 21 2014

South Windsor Robotics Team Heads to World Championship

1-South Windsor Robotics Team Heading This Week to World Championship in St

Apr 20 2014

NRG 4055 Takes Home the Gold

Robotics Team NRG 4055 Takes Home the Gold – Hartford Courant

Apr 20 2014

Northwestern Robotics Gearheads Win First Place


Apr 16 2014

See You in St. Loui!

FIRST® NRG4055′s bot “Scratch That” was given the thumb-up by FedEx driver Dave and is on its way to the Championships in St. Louis!


Apr 15 2014


Words cannot even begin to describe how thrilled we are as a team to have qualified for the FIRST Championships in St. Louis Missouri! This is the first time that the team has qualified to attend the competition in St. Louis through a matter of points and WINNING THE 1st FIRST NEW ENGLAND CHAMPIONSHIPS!!! The Gearheads did go to St. Louis in their rookie year, by way of winning the Rookie All-Star award which is awarded to  “the rookie team exemplifying a young but strong partnership effort, as well as implementing the mission of FIRST to inspire students to learn more about science and technology.” that is the exact definition from the FIRST website.

Our winning alliance with the Gaelhawks (#230) the Bobcats (#177) was fantastic. Our reaction when we won the 1st FIRST New England Championships is indescribable. We hope to have the opportunity to work with such outstanding teams again in St. Louis. Our ability to work with these two great teams, the awesome robot that we put together during build season, and the team’s efficiency in scouting, made our time in Boston wonderful. We plan to keep our positive mojo as we bring our competitive spirit into St. Louis.

Apr 13 2014


Mentor’s Log, Sunday April 23, 2014, 7:21 am: Waking up at the hotel after three days of exciting competition realizing that it wasn’t a dream. The FIRST Northwestern Robotics Gearheads worked their way up the ranks in a field of the best teams in New England, got themselves noticed, was selected to be on the #3 alliance, and are the undefeated finals NEFIRST winners with that alliance. These students haven’t even finished their third year as a team and earned their place to compete in the Championships against the best in the world! I was already the most proud mentor after the team earned the numerous awards that they had this season… But to have made it to the finals in two CT district events, earning gold in the New England Championship event, and now a seat in the world FIRST Championships?! WOW! I am overwhelmed with pride for these students and with gratitude to those who have supported them. Thank you to our school, parents, local businesses, and corporate sponsors. Without your support, this organization couldn’t function. To the mentors of this young team, your endless hours of working with and for this team astounds me. The students have achieved great things in a short time under your guidance. Your ability to share your expertise while facilitating and allowing the students to really do this on their own… YOU I thank, we all thank! This mentor wakes up feeling blessed.

-Rachel V.

Apr 12 2014

Regional’s ‘Gearheads’ Advance


Apr 11 2014

Entrepreneurship Award in Boston!

Here is how it was introduced…

“The Entrepreneurship Award sponsored by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit by recognizing a team that has developed the framework for a comprehensive business plan to scope, manage, and achieve team objectives.

We have a team that had no fears
Who faced a trifecta of challenges without any tears.
Together as a family they sought new cash
With customized letters and grants, they built a stash.
They got FIRST teams together for a Halloween dance
To build connections and improve their chance.
Building their team over three years
They’ve used every one of their entrepreneurial gears.
We salute this team as their message spreads
We’re proud to reward the Northwestern Robotics Gearheads!

Congratulations Team #4055 – Northwestern Robotics Gearheads.”

Apr 11 2014

Gearheads Are On a Roll to Northeast Championships


Apr 10 2014

Gearheads Win In Boston


Apr 10 2014

Cyber Knight News

News _ Cyber Knights&4055

Apr 10 2014

Practice Time

FIRST Northwestern Robotics Gearheads are in Boston practicing before the qualifying matches begin this afternoon. We thanks our generous sponsors ALCOA Foundation and United Technologies for getting us to this event. It is a wonderful venue full of terrific teams!