Monthly Archive: February 2014

Feb 27 2014

What a Family!

NRG 4055 is grateful for their family. Our parent-mentors who volunteer so many hours to guide the team and facilitate the learning and progress our students make, and the parent volunteers who feed us… Thank you for all you do! Thank you for your support! We love our Gearhead Family! Go Gearheads!

Feb 25 2014

Button, Button, Who’s Got a Button?

We do! This seasons new buttons are on order and arriving next week… Just in time for our first competition of the Aerial Assist season! Click on “view full post” below to see the designs!

ButtonFtD2014 copyButtonISBS2014 copy

Feb 18 2014

Last Day!

The Gearheads are at the Farmington Enforcers 178. It’s 7:30pm and we just shared a yummy pot-luck dinner. Now we’ve got under 5 hours to finish the bot and test it on the Enforcers’ Game field. Here’s a picture of us working on the bot… image

Feb 16 2014

3 days to go

Today the robot was driven to great success! Last year’s driver took it for a spin in the school cafeteria and each of the sub groups worked well, from the arm to the drive train. There was one minor difficulty with the attachment to the catcher arm. It refused adamantly to do it’s job, and is now being fixed.

Tomorrow we plan to practice at the school again, honing the driver’s skills for the competition.

Feb 15 2014

4 days to go

Tonight, the team worked diligently, and their work was rewarded! The body of the ‘bot is now officially complete!! Cause for celebration, for sure, yet on top of that,the electrical is done! The team worked from nine in the morning to approximately six at night to get it completed. It was totally worth it!

Feb 13 2014

5 days to go

There are now 5 days to go until Bag N’ Tag. Bag N’ Tag symbolizes the end of the build season for all the teams, meaning hands off the robot after February 18th. This means that all the teams have the exact same amount of time to spend on building their robot.  Bag N’ Tag is a big event, where many teams get together  show off their ‘bots, practice on a mock practice field, and celebrate the end of a successful build season. After all, all’s well that ends well.

Feb 11 2014

In the Works

The final robot is in the works! The team has worked diligently over the last few meetings to great effect. It is now built of solid c-channel which provide the structural support which is needed for our catapult design.

Our public relations officer is uber-delighted with the letter that she has been drafting. She has been using her talents to the best advantage of the team, while at the same time practicing real world skills which will serve her well later in life.

The programing team is also mondo-delighted with what it is doing. They are trying to find rainbow colored LED light strings that they can make them flash on command.

Two members of the build team finished hooking  up the motor that draws back the shooter straps, and now they are working on a motor that will release the straps to launch the ball.


Feb 04 2014

The Past 2 Days

The team has been working diligently and even extended the meeting tonight by an hour so that they can have an adequate amount of time. The weather is persnickety and weather or not we have a meeting is dependent on it.  The team is finalizing the catcher design on the prototype, and it looks like it is progressing well. The team morale is high, and work is being completed.

Feb 01 2014

changing gears over the past two meetings

The decision about whether or not we would continue working on the current design, or move to a new one was made. It went to an anonymous vote which was staggeringly in favor of an alternate design. At the next meeting, the team began to work on a new prototype. This time around, the prototype is all wood, and includes the arm mechanism which will lift the ball onto the shooter mechanism. The team is  working  well together on this and is completely devoted to getting a working robot for before February 18th, called Bag N’ Tag day by the teams. The robot must be completely done by midnight that night.

We are optimistic that the robot will be done with enough time to practice with our friends the Enforcers, team 178, who have graciously agreed to  shared their practice field with NRG.