Monthly Archive: October 2013

Oct 27 2013

Hartford District Event, March 29 & 30, 2014

Team NRG4055 will be traveling to Hartford early in the morning Saturday March 8th & Sunday, March 9th for their third district event competition. All FIRST® Events are free and open to the public. If you are available, please stop by and support us!

Hartford Public High School
55 Forest Street
Hartford, CT  06105

Oct 27 2013

Groton District Event, March 8 & 9, 2014

Team NRG4055 will be traveling to Groton early Saturday morning March 8th & Sunday, March 9th for their first district event competition. All FIRST® Events are free and open to the public. If you are available, please stop by and support us!

Fitch High School
101 Groton Long Point Road
Groton, CT  06340

Oct 27 2013

FRC Kickoff – Saturday, January 4, 2014

Kickoff marks the beginning of the design and build season. Teams have the opportunity to meet at “local” Kickoffs to compare notes, get ideas, make friends, find mentoring teams, learn the game, pick up the Kit of Parts, and get geared up for the exciting competition season. NRG will be attending the Farmington Enforcers Kick-Off Event on Saturday, January 4, 2014.

Oct 27 2013

New Site Under Construction

As this site is being reconstructed, you may notice certain articles and information missing. Content from before October 2013 is being added bit-by-bit. Thank you for your patience.

Team members and mentors may log into the new “members only” site to stay up-to-date with meetings and other activities.

Oct 27 2013

Costume Party Fun!

Thank you to those who helped with the NRG’s first social event, with extra special thanks to Megan and Meredith for their organization and planning. Though the attendance was not as large as we had hoped, it was a tremendous success! Everyone had a blast! Our guests from the Uberbots, Enforcers, and Operation PEACCE raved about the band Chronic Rhythm (they were awesome!! There was a costume contest with prizes, pizza, candy, snacks, beverages, decorations, a dark atmosphere with table top lighting, expeditious clean-up… well-executed team NRG! The team has now made a name for themselves socially in the local USFIRST community. Next year, let’s plan sooner and we’ll fill that cafeteria!

Thank you to the following guests for sharing in our fun!

Enforcers: Ashley A., Mason J., Veronica K., Tim R., Mark S., Lauren S., Michele H. (mentor)

Operation PEACCE: Peregrine B., Joshua E., Gwynn M., Ian M., Piper O., Ashley R., Tanner, David M. (mentor), James B. (junior mentor)

Uberbots: Elizabeth C., Jack C., Austin C., Sky N., Justin N., Rick & Chithra N. (mentors)

Oct 22 2013

Gift Of Computer-Controlled Milling Machine Hits The Right Spot With The Gearheads


Oct 22 2013

Robotics Firm Donates Machine To FIRST


Oct 22 2013

Northwestern Regional Robotics Team Gears Up For Third Season


Oct 21 2013

Norfolk Now: Northwestern Regional Robotics Team Gears-up for 3rd Season


Oct 18 2013

Robotics Team Finds New Home at Whiting Mills


Oct 15 2013

To current FIRST NRG 4055 members, mentors, and parent contributors

*The new site is up and running, but it isn’t complete without you!* If you haven’t already registered with me, Rachel Vincent, please email my school email [rvincent (at)] the following information for your registration to the new site. First name: Last name: Username you would like to log in with: e-mail address: *(I will assign you a temporary password with which you can log in and change to what ever you would like)*

Oct 14 2013

Info needed for new site

Hello! This message is intended for FIRST NRG 4055 team members. If you are receiving it, you are registered to the team’s public site and please disregard.

*FIRST NRG 4055 team members, mentors, and parent contributors:* If haven’t already registered with Rachel, please email Rachel’s school email the following information for the new site.

First name

Last name

Username you would like to log in with: e-mail address

(Rachel will assign you a temporary password with which you can log in and change to what ever you would like)

* * *FIRST NRG 4055 Mentors and Officers:* If you haven’t done so already, please email Rachel categories or topics into which you would like to have information and discussions organized.

Oct 14 2013

Meetings week of 10/10/13

We will be meeting both Tuesday and Wednesday this week at The Mill(Whiting Mills). Yes we have a meeting even with no school on Tuesday. Plan on a short meeting on Tuesday and then work nights to continue geeting our space ready. Remember to park on Holabird Avenue and use the Holabird Avenue entrance.

Oct 10 2013

Second event!

OK, We are now registered for Groton and Hartford. As of registration time the following events were on wait list: Nashua, Boston and WPI. That means our next event will most likely need to be Southington, Rhode Island or Pine Tree depending on availability.


All team members need to put March 8th and 9th(Groton)  as well as March 29th and 30th(Hartford) on their schedules.

We are also signed up for the Farmington high school kickoff event on January 4th.

Oct 08 2013

Parking and entry to Whiting Mills

Just so everyone knows where to park and where to enter Whiting Mills I thought I’d clarify. Parking is available acroos the street in the parking lot between the firehouse and the fence. Entry to the building is from the “front” Holabird Ave entrance. Go through the green door and down the stairs on the left. Follow the hallway to the end and our unit is on the left.

An alternathe choice would be to park in the back of the building and enter the entrance in the middle of the building. Follow hallway to end and turn right. When you reach the train layout go to the far left and follow the stairs to the lowest level. Exit stairwell and turn right twice and we are straight ahead.

Oct 08 2013


Everyone should be checking the website for updates but I was asked to send this email. Meetings this week are at Whiting Mills. We will be working on cleaning and painting. Please bring your paint rollers. We will supply covers. Brooms would be great as well. You need to have your waiver in to me or Rachel by tonight. Steve

Oct 07 2013

Important information.

Please check the website for important information pertaining to this weeks meetings. Steve

Oct 07 2013

Update from Bash!

The email link was broken so all the posts I sent on Saturday never got posted. So here’s a late update!

Team NRG along with their two alliance partners, 236 and 2168 made it all the way to the finals. We played against none other than Team 195, the Cyberknights as well as 1099 and 3834. In the first round we were beaten by 2 points. Round two originally was scored as a win for our alliance by 7 points. A dispute was raised on the foul that was scored in our favor. It was corrected and we only won by 1 point, but still a win. This was due to a major change in strategy to provide better defense against 195′s full court shooter. Our alliance was scrambling for batteries for each match and NRG’s drive motors were severly overheating. We needed to resort to canned compressed air to cool the motors down between matches. The final match was a fight to the end, between great defense, climbing ability and a malfunction with 195′s shooter our allinace not only won but won by a huge margin.

Final score 92 to 35

The entire gym was astonished by the final score. It proves that teamwork and persistance pays off in the long run.

Keep up the great work Team NRG!!!

Oct 07 2013

Meeting Updates!

Update for this week, we will be meeting at Whiting Mills on Tuesday and Wednesday. Dress prepared to work and get dirty! We will be cleaning and painting the floor as well as possibly building walls. All printed release forms must be handed in to Steve or Rachel either before attending or at the door. We will be entering at the at the main entrance at the end of the building facing Holabird Avenue. We will be parking accross the street in the parking lot on the right.

Please bring any painting supplies you may have. We will supply roller covers but you need to bring a roller and extension handle if you have one. Brooms or dustpans would be useful as well.

Oct 07 2013

Congratulations on winning the BASH at the Beach!!!

You guys are amazing!

Oct 06 2013

Email post from Thursday

We are officially registered for Groton as noted Tuesday night. We are also registered for Kickoff at Farmington high school. This week on Tuesday 10/8 we will vote on which second event we will attend. We will also have a brief discussion on drive train options to be voted on the following week, Tuesday 10/15
As a reminder both Tuesday and Wednesday night meetings will be at the Whiting Mills complex on Whiting Street in Winsted. Come dressed in work clothes and be prepared to get dirty.
Sorry the website did not send this out on Thursday