Monthly Archive: November 2012

Nov 27 2012

Meeting cancelled 11/27

All NWR7 activities are cancelled today, Tuesday, November 27. Meetings cancelled. Be safe.

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Nov 11 2012

Wittman Robotics factory

n Friday, 2 November 2012, NRG visited the Wittman Robotics factory in Torrington, Connecticut. The Gearheads were invited to the factory to give a demonstration using their robot, and to tour the facilities. President Eli Wootton lead the demonstration with a speech explaining NRG’s accomplishments during their rookie year, while Josh Smith and Erick Bailey gave an interactive demonstration to workers at Wittman. The Gearheads then toured Wittman, and were able to observe the amazing robots they had created.
     Wittman Robotics creates machines which are designed to mass produce plastic parts. The engineers at Wittman are able to design machines capable of creating any plastic product a client could ask for, and workers at Wittman are then able to create these machines, and programmers program them to do exactly what the client needs. The machine then runs continuously for seventy-two hours to discover any issues the machine may have. The product is then shipped to the customer and a programmer will arrive to set up the robot at its destination.
     NRG would like to thank Wittman for the amazing opportunity they offered us when they extended the invitation to visit. It was a fantastic opportunity and each member of the team walked away having learned more about robotics. Thank you Wittman!

Nov 05 2012

FTC Reminder – 1st Meeting Tuesday, Nov. 6

Reminder the first FTC meeting is Tuesday night, Nov. 6th, from 7:00 to 8:00 pm!