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Jul 06 2014

NRG’s special visitor at the 2014 Where Is Wolcott Robotics Event

On June 14th the Gearheads competed in the 2014 Where is Wolcott robotics event.  It was a beautiful day and NRG was busy trying out possible new drive team members. The team agrees that the best part of the day was the special visitor from New Hampshire named Luke who joined the 4055 Gearheads for the day.  It was Luke’s 10th birthday and he wanted to see robots.  His grandparents drove him to Wolcott, CT to see robots at the event.  NRG’s passion for the younger generation to become involved in science and technology kicked right in and Luke was given royal treatment.  He had a tour of the robots in the pits, he stood with the drivers during a match, Jack Kentfield made a special announcement to the crowd and presented last years Frisbee game piece that was signed by the entire team and Luke helped pick our alliance team as a junior team captain. NRGLuke2NRGLuke3NRGLuke4 NRGLuke1

NRG 4055 went on to finish the day by winning the 2014 Where is Wolcott event with their alliance members, Team Gus 228 and Team Operation P.E.A.C.C.E 3461.

Oct 27 2013

Costume Party Fun!

Thank you to those who helped with the NRG’s first social event, with extra special thanks to Megan and Meredith for their organization and planning. Though the attendance was not as large as we had hoped, it was a tremendous success! Everyone had a blast! Our guests from the Uberbots, Enforcers, and Operation PEACCE raved about the band Chronic Rhythm (they were awesome!! There was a costume contest with prizes, pizza, candy, snacks, beverages, decorations, a dark atmosphere with table top lighting, expeditious clean-up… well-executed team NRG! The team has now made a name for themselves socially in the local USFIRST community. Next year, let’s plan sooner and we’ll fill that cafeteria!

Thank you to the following guests for sharing in our fun!

Enforcers: Ashley A., Mason J., Veronica K., Tim R., Mark S., Lauren S., Michele H. (mentor)

Operation PEACCE: Peregrine B., Joshua E., Gwynn M., Ian M., Piper O., Ashley R., Tanner, David M. (mentor), James B. (junior mentor)

Uberbots: Elizabeth C., Jack C., Austin C., Sky N., Justin N., Rick & Chithra N. (mentors)

Oct 07 2013

Update from Bash!

The email link was broken so all the posts I sent on Saturday never got posted. So here’s a late update!

Team NRG along with their two alliance partners, 236 and 2168 made it all the way to the finals. We played against none other than Team 195, the Cyberknights as well as 1099 and 3834. In the first round we were beaten by 2 points. Round two originally was scored as a win for our alliance by 7 points. A dispute was raised on the foul that was scored in our favor. It was corrected and we only won by 1 point, but still a win. This was due to a major change in strategy to provide better defense against 195′s full court shooter. Our alliance was scrambling for batteries for each match and NRG’s drive motors were severly overheating. We needed to resort to canned compressed air to cool the motors down between matches. The final match was a fight to the end, between great defense, climbing ability and a malfunction with 195′s shooter our allinace not only won but won by a huge margin.

Final score 92 to 35

The entire gym was astonished by the final score. It proves that teamwork and persistance pays off in the long run.

Keep up the great work Team NRG!!!