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Jan 21 2015

NRG in 2012

This is the Flickr account of the 2012 season treasurer, Ryan Lasher. It contains photographs from the 2012 build season of the robot and some of the team members working on the robot, now called Aluminum Penney.

This was a podcast, voiced by one of our now junior mentors, produced in NRG’s first season and it not only shows the team building Aluminum Penney, Eli also talks about the team’s first season in existence.


Oct 04 2014

NWR7 Robotics at the Farmers Market

Region 7 High School Robotics Team at the Farmers Market

Oct 04 2014

NRg at Norfolk Farmers Market


Oct 04 2014

Robotics Team at Norfolk Farmers Market


Jul 06 2014


The Northwestern Robotics Gearheads (NRG) along with alliance members; Shelton Gaelhawks 230 and South Windsor Bobcats 177 won first place at the New England FRC Region Championship in Boston, Mass. Team NRG 4055, sponsored by Alcoa Foundation, United Technologies Corporation, Whiting Mills LLC and Northwestern High School, competed in three Connecticut District events in March. The team won second place in two of the three events along with the prestigious Gracious Professionalism Award (Johnson &
Johnson) , the Quality Award (Motorola) and the Entrepreneurship Award (Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers) on two competition levels (District and Region Championship). These remarkable accomplishments propelled this amazing three-year-old team to the FRC World Championship in Saint Louis, MO which took place April 23 through 26. NRG 4055 was one of 400 robotics teams from all over the world competing for the world championship title. The team finished in 21st place of the 100 teams in their division. FIRSTNewEnglandChampions2014

Jun 29 2014

Shelton High School Robotics Team Takes Home the Gold

Shelton High School RoboticsGailHawks-NRG

Jun 24 2014



Jun 23 2014

Region 7 Robotics Team Demonstrate Winning Robot


May 02 2014

Robotics team competes in world championship


May 01 2014

Robotics Team Wins at Regional Championship

High School Robotics Team Wins Big at Regional Championship – Norfolk Now _ Norfolk Now

Apr 29 2014

Robotics Team Celebrated for World Championship Success


Apr 29 2014

NRG 4055 The Blue Alliance

N R G (Northwestern Robotic Gearheads) – Team 4055 (2014) – The Blue Alliance

Apr 21 2014

South Windsor Robotics Team Heads to World Championship

1-South Windsor Robotics Team Heading This Week to World Championship in St

Apr 20 2014

NRG 4055 Takes Home the Gold

Robotics Team NRG 4055 Takes Home the Gold – Hartford Courant

Apr 20 2014

Northwestern Robotics Gearheads Win First Place


Apr 12 2014

Regional’s ‘Gearheads’ Advance


Apr 11 2014

Gearheads Are On a Roll to Northeast Championships


Apr 10 2014

Gearheads Win In Boston


Apr 10 2014

Cyber Knight News

News _ Cyber Knights&4055

Mar 28 2014

FRC Photo Share

FRC Tracker Photo Share

Mar 28 2014

FIRST Robotics Internships

FIRST Robotics _ Internships _ Campus Recruiting _ Careers _ United Technologies

Mar 28 2014

Gearheads Receive Entrepreneurship Award


Mar 20 2014

Southington District Event

[NE FIRST] 2014 Southington District Event [Archive] – Chief Delphi

Mar 10 2014

Gearheads Know Robotics


Nov 12 2013

FIRST Northwestern Robotics Gearheads Team 4055 Donation

Bearingstar News and Resources2013Sponsorship

Oct 22 2013

Gift Of Computer-Controlled Milling Machine Hits The Right Spot With The Gearheads


Oct 22 2013

Robotics Firm Donates Machine To FIRST


Oct 22 2013

Northwestern Regional Robotics Team Gears Up For Third Season


Oct 21 2013

Norfolk Now: Northwestern Regional Robotics Team Gears-up for 3rd Season


Oct 18 2013

Robotics Team Finds New Home at Whiting Mills


Oct 07 2013

Update from Bash!

The email link was broken so all the posts I sent on Saturday never got posted. So here’s a late update!

Team NRG along with their two alliance partners, 236 and 2168 made it all the way to the finals. We played against none other than Team 195, the Cyberknights as well as 1099 and 3834. In the first round we were beaten by 2 points. Round two originally was scored as a win for our alliance by 7 points. A dispute was raised on the foul that was scored in our favor. It was corrected and we only won by 1 point, but still a win. This was due to a major change in strategy to provide better defense against 195′s full court shooter. Our alliance was scrambling for batteries for each match and NRG’s drive motors were severly overheating. We needed to resort to canned compressed air to cool the motors down between matches. The final match was a fight to the end, between great defense, climbing ability and a malfunction with 195′s shooter our allinace not only won but won by a huge margin.

Final score 92 to 35

The entire gym was astonished by the final score. It proves that teamwork and persistance pays off in the long run.

Keep up the great work Team NRG!!!

Oct 07 2013

Congratulations on winning the BASH at the Beach!!!

You guys are amazing!

Sep 29 2013

Northwestern Regional Robotics Team Gears Up For 3rd Season

Northwestern Regional Robotics Team Gears Up For 3rd Season – Norfolk Now _ Norfolk Now

Sep 06 2013

Riverton Grange News for September

Connecticut State Grange-Riverton

Jul 12 2013

Barkhamsted Goes ‘Fourth’

BarkhamstedFourthJuly2013-2 copy

Jul 05 2013

Barkhamsted 4th of July Parade

BarkhamstedFourthofJulyParade2013 copy

Apr 19 2013

Gearheads Do Well In Regional Competitions


Apr 12 2013

Next Generation Engineers and UTC Mentors Excel at FIRST Robotics

Next Generation Engineers and UTC Mentors Excel at FIRST Robotics _ Advancing STEM Education _ Community _ Corporate Responsibility _ United Technologies

Apr 06 2013

Selected for the playoffs!


Top-ranked team 3930 selected NRG 4055 and team 157 to compete in the Pine Tree playoffs!


Mar 30 2013

What are we ranked?

After NRG’s last qualifying match, we were ranked 25. It was a challenging match which our alliance didn’t win. As the team has lunch, we await the final results to see who will be on the finals! Sent from my iPhone

Mar 30 2013

Last Qualifier!

NRG went into their last qualifying match ranked 10th. Their alliance was focused on defense and didn’t get too many shots in. This loss will pull us down in the ranks. Maybe one of the top 8 teams will choose us to be in their alliance in the playoffs.

Mar 30 2013

Second qualifier, day 2

>> Results… In another winning alliance! Yay! >> >> Sent from my iPad

Mar 20 2013

Gearheads Put Robot’s Skills to the Test


Mar 19 2013

Twitter hashtag for CT Regional

FIRST Robotics Competition Connecticut Regional teams:
The CT FIRST Regional Planning Committee has established the following Twitter hashtag for use in your team’s Twitter posts leading up to, during and after the CT Regional March 29 and 30:
As a way to build positive awareness and excitement with sponsors, mentors, volunteers and media, support teams during the event and demonstrate expertise, teamwork, Gracious Professionalism and Coopertition, we encourage you to use the above hashtag in your team’s Tweets.
If you have not already done so, we also encourage you to ‘follow’ the official CT FIRST Twitter handle: @ctfirst

Mar 07 2013

Hartford CT Regional Competition Field Trip

(click title to see whole message)

You should have been emailed a letter and forms for the Hartford Connecticut Regional Competition Field Trip. If you need another copy, please check in the “forms” area of our site or ask Ms. Vincent. All forms are due before the end of the school day on March 20th. Please check the regulations for eligibility to attend competitions. You must have a passing average and have attended at least 70% of team meetings. We have missed many of our members during the busy build season. We’ve put more hours in during the build season than we have for the rest of the year. If you have not been an active member, we still want you to attend and experience the regional competition to support the team. It is a BLAST! You will, however, have to have the same requirement of passing average grade to attend on Thursday and pay $10 per day to ride the bus. We would LOVE to have as many people as possible join us on Friday and Saturday when we do not have school. Invite everyone! There is room on the bus on a first-come, first-served basis for the same $10 per day fee and paperwork completed and handed in by the end of the school day March 20th. GO GEARHEADS!

Feb 28 2013

Trying For Another Award Winning Robot

Trying For Another Award Winning Robot – Norfolk Now _ Norfolk Now

Feb 21 2013

Awards entries are in!

NRG 4055′s entries for the Chairman’s Award, Woodie Flowers Award, and the Entrepreneurship Award are all in ahead of the deadline!  Special thank to Megan and Abby for getting those in!!!  -Steve G.

Feb 16 2013

In the Finals at the Shakedown!

NRG is ranked 4th going into the final competition in Suffield! Four teams will battle it out soon. We are a captain of our alliance! Go Gearheads!

Jan 09 2013

Build Season!

Saturday, 5 January marked the start of the 2013 FIRST Robotics build season. FIRST, which stands for For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology, is an international organization which encourages students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This year’scompetition, Ultimate Ascent, will challenge students to build a robot capable of throwing a Frisbee as well as climbing a pyramid. The beginning of build season marks a six week period where students will design, program, build, and electrically wire a robot that meets the requirements of FIRST’s challenge.

     FIRST Robotics team 4055, located at Northwestern Regional 7, is looking forward to the challenge Ultimate Ascent will provide. Lead mentor, Stephen Goyette, is excited for the skills and experience his students will acquire from this competition. “I am looking forward to the experience the Gearheads will obtain from competing during their second year. The team will test the skills they have acquired from their rookie year, and I am confident they will build an exemplary robot of a high caliber.” During their rookie year, the Gearheads received the Rookie All Star award, securing them a spot in the international championships in St. Louis, Missouri. The Gearheads will first compete in the Hartford, Connecticut Regional Competition, and hope to make it to the championship. Good luck NRG!

Nov 11 2012

Wittman Robotics factory

n Friday, 2 November 2012, NRG visited the Wittman Robotics factory in Torrington, Connecticut. The Gearheads were invited to the factory to give a demonstration using their robot, and to tour the facilities. President Eli Wootton lead the demonstration with a speech explaining NRG’s accomplishments during their rookie year, while Josh Smith and Erick Bailey gave an interactive demonstration to workers at Wittman. The Gearheads then toured Wittman, and were able to observe the amazing robots they had created.
     Wittman Robotics creates machines which are designed to mass produce plastic parts. The engineers at Wittman are able to design machines capable of creating any plastic product a client could ask for, and workers at Wittman are then able to create these machines, and programmers program them to do exactly what the client needs. The machine then runs continuously for seventy-two hours to discover any issues the machine may have. The product is then shipped to the customer and a programmer will arrive to set up the robot at its destination.
     NRG would like to thank Wittman for the amazing opportunity they offered us when they extended the invitation to visit. It was a fantastic opportunity and each member of the team walked away having learned more about robotics. Thank you Wittman!

Oct 22 2012

NRG Team Picture

NRG Team Picture

Oct 12 2012

New Hartford Lions Club Hold Demo Dinner For the Northwest Robotics Gearheads


Sep 30 2012

Gearheads WOW The Competition, Win K.I.S.S Award At Beach Bash


Sep 29 2012

Bash at the Beach ranking update

Out of 26 teams present we currently stand in second place going into the elimination round. Go Team!

Sep 22 2012

FIRST NRG 4055 Competed In An Off-Season Competition And Won!


Jun 27 2012

Region 7 Gearheads show off robotics prowess

Region 7 Gearheads show off robotics prowess-1

May 09 2012

Rookie Robotics Team Travels to Nationals


Apr 22 2012

Rookies take honors


Apr 22 2012

Gearheads Top Rookies


Apr 22 2012

Robotics Wins “Highest Rank Rookie”


Apr 20 2012

Benefit Blast Second Half


Apr 20 2012

NWR7 Robotics Team Holds Benefit Blast


Apr 20 2012

The Winsted Journal

WinstedJournalFeb2012-2 copy

Apr 13 2012

Northwest Community Bank Helps Regional’s ‘All-Star’ Robotics Team Get A Step Closer To St.Louis

Northwest Community Bank Helps Regional’s ‘All-Star’ Robotics Team Get A Step Closer To St

Apr 09 2012

NWR7 Gearheads Win Rookie All-Star Award At Competition

WinstedJournalRookieAllStartAward-part2 copy

Apr 09 2012

Robotics Wins ‘Highest Rank Rookie’


Apr 06 2012

Gearheads prove their mettle at robotics competition

RookieAllStarAwardHartford-2012-1 copy

Apr 01 2012

NRG 4055 wins ‘Rookie All-Star’ Award

NRG 4055 wins ‘Rookie All-Star’ Award, Heads To St

Mar 28 2012

Regional’s Robotics Team Gears Up For Competition This Weekend

Regional’s Robotics Team Gears Up For Competition This Weekend, ‘Benefit Blast’ In April _ NewHartfordPlus

Mar 22 2012

Shane In KickOff Video

Shane Kick-Off Video

Mar 22 2012

Northwest Regional Gearheads win Rookie All-Star award at regional robotics competition


Mar 22 2012

Robotics Team Rocks


Feb 03 2012

High School Students learn nuts and bolts of robotics


Feb 02 2012

Northwestern Robotics Team 4055: FIRST Contract

Northwestern Robotics Team 4055_ FIRST Contact _ NewHartfordPlus

Jan 22 2012

Lasher Photos 2012


Oct 22 2011

NWR7 Creates Robotics Team


Oct 17 2011

Robotics Team Being Assembled At Regional 7

FIRST Robotics Team Being Assembled At Regional # 7 _ NewHartfordPlus