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Mar 10 2014

As we wake up Monday morning…

We reflect on what a terrific weekend FIRST® NRG 4055 had! We neither advanced past the quarter finals nor won an award… But we had a great time at the Groton District event! Team NRG was fully engaged the entire weekend. The drive team was continually planning strategies with alliance teams to play the most effective game possible. Build, Electrical, and Programming students were called in to make modifications during the event. The pit crew and safety captain manned the pit area and entertained questions from the public about our bot. The scouting team did the very important job of taking notes on all the other teams. This is critical for the drive team so they may plan a good strategy. Mentor Shelly volunteered to ensure visitors in the pit area were safe and distributed safety glasses. Mentor Tom volunteered on the playing field to assist the announcer and energize the audience with his enthusiasm. Mentor Michele was announced as a candidate for the prestigious Woodie Flowers Award which will be announced at the New England Championship. The team shared robot components with another team to get them up and running. We cheered on our alliance teams. We rejoiced in others’ victories. NRG was elated when their friends the Enforcers Team 178 received the well-deserved Gracious Professionalism® Award. EVERYONE on FIRST® NRG 4055 played an important role to the team unit. and we helped others as well. And what made this mentor most proud was how well the students represented their community with their innate Gracious Professionalism® and displaying their Coopertition® spirit. GO GEARHEADS!

Submitted by Rachel

Mar 09 2014

Out in the Quarters…

NRG 4055 fought hard with Gus 228 and RoboSquad 558. They won their first of the 2 out of three matches against  teams 230, 1699, and 1991. They lost the second. They were ahead in the third deciding round, but lost due to a technical foul (an opponent’s game ball bounced into an alliance team’s robot which was considered a possession – added points to the opponent’s score). NRG is staying to cheer on their friends Enforcers 178. We look forward to the awards ceremony at the end of this event… Will the team receive any awards? Stay tuned!

Mar 09 2014

NRG 4055 is in the Groton Finals!

They were up. They were down. They didn’t make the top eight… But… They were selected by a top eight team to play in their alliance! Team NRG is in the finals of the Groton District Event! They were selected by second ranked team 228, GUS from Meriden, CT. The three-team alliance is completed by team 558, RoboSquad from New Haven, CT. Yay!!!

Mar 09 2014

Groton, Day 2

After opening ceremonies and a few matches, the event is ahead of schedule…. So what happens in that case? A dance off! MichKayla represented our team out on the field and danced her bot off!

Mar 08 2014

Groton, Day One.

NRG 4055 ended the day in 19th place of 33… Their lowest rank of the day. If history repeats itself, NRG will climb in the ranks tomorrow as they’ve done in every event over the past two years!

Mar 08 2014

Eric the Gearhead!

Angry Eric is ecstatic to receive a customized Gearheads helmet designed to fit over his Mowhawk-style hair-do. The first time Eric saw a gearhead, he said he wanted one. Thank you to NRG4055 mentor Tom Goddu for designing and making this special helmet!


Mar 08 2014

Observing the Competition

Team NRG checks out the competition as they wait for their turn to practice at the Groton District Event.


Oct 27 2013

Groton District Event, March 8 & 9, 2014

Team NRG4055 will be traveling to Groton early Saturday morning March 8th & Sunday, March 9th for their first district event competition. All FIRST® Events are free and open to the public. If you are available, please stop by and support us!

Fitch High School
101 Groton Long Point Road
Groton, CT  06340