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Nov 09 2015


Oct 07 2015

NRG 4055 Wins Bash at the Beach

NRG 4055 wins with teams 173 RAGE and 236 Techno Ticks.


May 19 2015

Applebee’s Fundraiser


Mar 04 2015

May I Just Say WOW?

The Gearheads participated in the inaugural Waterbury competition, and everyone on the team is thrilled to be back competing after a challenging build season. It was fantastic to see the variety of designs all the teams had used to achieve the same end goal. The teamwork all the teams exhibited was staggering, and from what I saw in the stands, everyone who was there was enthusiastic in their applause and appreciation.

NRG ended the qualification matches 5th, and was an alliance captain which means that our team got to chose an alliance of other teams with which to compete in the quarter-finals. We were eliminated before the semi-finals, however we enjoyed watching the semi-finals and final matches.

We also received the imagery award, for our visually spectacular display in the stands, thanks to our new Morale Manager! He was awesome!

Shout out to the UberBots and rookies Human Error for a fun alliance, best of luck for the rest of the season to both!




Feb 17 2015


The finale has finally arrived! We come so far in these 6 weeks working on the robot, and making even stronger friendships with old friends and new alike. FIRST is an introduction to a new way of looking at life, and I am confident that all the rookie members of the team have had their horizons exponentially broadened over the course of build season. Our robot is complete, and we are just tweaking some of the autonomous features and the sensitivity of the drive train.

Everyone is having so much fun at the Enforcer’s Warehouse. A majority of our team was able to come, and we, along with the gracious Enforcers, have worked together to make a potluck, ensuring that everyone is fed to the point of explosion.

We are have a great time hanging out with the 2nd Law Enforcers, waiting until midnight to bag up our robot, sealing it until our first competition on February 28th and March 1st.


~Gearheadette and [read in deep voice] BATMAN

Feb 03 2015

12 More Meeting Days to Bag N’Tag!!

Wow, how the time has flown! The team has reached that magical time in build season when everyone knows exactly what to do and how [ and no one runs into each other in the workshop any more!]. I could look back, and reminisce on how the team has become a family to each other, and how FIRST means so much more than just an acronym to the rookies now.

Even though we only have two weeks or so [eek!!!!!] left to build season, our design has been forced to be altered again. Only instead of a major structural change like last year, we have simply had to mildly redesign our robot to be underweight instead of overweight like it was by the end of last week. Thankfully, this year it was easier, so the changes were quicker to make.

I can confidently say that  excitement about the competition season and seeing the finished robot has energized the team and  we all have caught our second wind [with regards to robotics]. I hope that everyone else out there, teams 1 through [whatever number FIRST is up to by now] is having as much fun as the Gearheads are!





Jan 30 2015

Money, Programming and Tinning Oh My!

For some time now, the intrepid Finance team has been struggling with going back and filling in some blank spots in the financial history, using a software the team has access to, called Quick Books. It took a long time and a lot of hard work, but the Finance team members persevered and conquered this challenge, now allowing anyone who needs to clear and consise access to financial-related information they might need. Our deputy Finance team captain diligently worked with the business office of the High School the team was founded in, and while it took some work, in the end both sides got what they needed.

NRG has been continuously reconstructing our drive train to fit it to our robot, which is progressing well towards completion. I know I can speak for everyone when I say that I cannot wait to see the final result. It is one thing to see CAD drawings, another completely to observe the final result in action!

Our programmers have been painstakingly working to learn how to use a different class within Java. They have overcame a multitude of challenges  and are beginning to set up and run the new programming so that they can see if they were successfully in their endeavor.

The process of tinning and soldering parts together is underway, proving to be beneficial to a new customized drivers station. It is being designed and built for this game, so hopefully it will be as successful as possible.

15 more work days [baring all snow days and cancellations because of the weather]!




Jan 23 2015

A Belated Post

This post is a chronicle of the tasks which occurred on Thursday, January 22 2015. A small team of our freshmen worked on finding an efficient method of securing our robot’s batteries inside a moving tool cart; which we will then be able to bring to competition with a minimum of fuss. Two separate sub-teams use our milling machine to mill different pieces of metal for our robot, and our most knowledgeable electrical team member  wired up a series of magnetic sensors that would allow the programmers to practice the code they have been continuously writing.

Did You Know?

“The term “robot” was first coined by Czech writer Karel Čapek in his play R.U.R. while term “robotics” was first coined by Isaac Asimov in his 1941 science fiction short-story “Liar!”. ”

See the article below for more interesting robotics and robot related facts!



Jan 21 2015

3….2….1….Blast Off

Our team has accomplished a lot of work since I last updated! We were just recently graced with another mentor who has shown the team a method for tracking our priorities so that we can efficiently build our robot.

Speaking of our robot….. it looks radically different from our robots in past years, and we are learning new skills while working on it! Our new method of organizing the team started the team down the right path, but our new mentor introduced a style of keeping track of priorities and needs-to-be-done which has fully transformed the team’s management style into that of a corporate organization, which prepares our Gearheads for real life and real jobs.

I say ‘thanks’ again to our newest mentor, may he decide to stay for as long as the team exists!



Jan 21 2015

Progress on Wednesday the 21st

Our programmers have worked diligently, and have completed the code for the drive train. Some of our team members have been milling parts for our spaceship inspired design on our team’s CNC milling machine, and our build crew has finished drawings and are ready to cut out the pieces that will become part of our robot.

Our goal is to complete the robot in only four weeks, and we are well on our way to making that goal!



Apr 15 2014


Words cannot even begin to describe how thrilled we are as a team to have qualified for the FIRST Championships in St. Louis Missouri! This is the first time that the team has qualified to attend the competition in St. Louis through a matter of points and WINNING THE 1st FIRST NEW ENGLAND CHAMPIONSHIPS!!! The Gearheads did go to St. Louis in their rookie year, by way of winning the Rookie All-Star award which is awarded to  “the rookie team exemplifying a young but strong partnership effort, as well as implementing the mission of FIRST to inspire students to learn more about science and technology.” that is the exact definition from the FIRST website.

Our winning alliance with the Gaelhawks (#230) the Bobcats (#177) was fantastic. Our reaction when we won the 1st FIRST New England Championships is indescribable. We hope to have the opportunity to work with such outstanding teams again in St. Louis. Our ability to work with these two great teams, the awesome robot that we put together during build season, and the team’s efficiency in scouting, made our time in Boston wonderful. We plan to keep our positive mojo as we bring our competitive spirit into St. Louis.

Apr 11 2014

Entrepreneurship Award in Boston!

Here is how it was introduced…

“The Entrepreneurship Award sponsored by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit by recognizing a team that has developed the framework for a comprehensive business plan to scope, manage, and achieve team objectives.

We have a team that had no fears
Who faced a trifecta of challenges without any tears.
Together as a family they sought new cash
With customized letters and grants, they built a stash.
They got FIRST teams together for a Halloween dance
To build connections and improve their chance.
Building their team over three years
They’ve used every one of their entrepreneurial gears.
We salute this team as their message spreads
We’re proud to reward the Northwestern Robotics Gearheads!

Congratulations Team #4055 – Northwestern Robotics Gearheads.”

Mar 28 2014

Hungry for Hartford!

Having made it to the finals and giving the number one ranked team a challenging set of matches, FIRST® Northwestern Robotics Gearheads Team 4055 is ready to work in alliance with other teams to make it to the finals in Hartford this weekend, March 29th and 30th! Below are links to the weekend’s agenda and map to Hartford Public High School. Come and support FIRST® NRG 4055!

Agenda  &  Location 

Mar 22 2014

And we’ve arrived!

FIRST NRG 4055 is at Southington High Schoolnd about to practice on the main playing field. Qualifying matches start at 11am. Get your bot down here and watch Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in action!

Feb 27 2014

What a Family!

NRG 4055 is grateful for their family. Our parent-mentors who volunteer so many hours to guide the team and facilitate the learning and progress our students make, and the parent volunteers who feed us… Thank you for all you do! Thank you for your support! We love our Gearhead Family! Go Gearheads!

Feb 25 2014

Button, Button, Who’s Got a Button?

We do! This seasons new buttons are on order and arriving next week… Just in time for our first competition of the Aerial Assist season! Click on “view full post” below to see the designs!

ButtonFtD2014 copyButtonISBS2014 copy

Feb 18 2014

Last Day!

The Gearheads are at the Farmington Enforcers 178. It’s 7:30pm and we just shared a yummy pot-luck dinner. Now we’ve got under 5 hours to finish the bot and test it on the Enforcers’ Game field. Here’s a picture of us working on the bot… image

Feb 16 2014

3 days to go

Today the robot was driven to great success! Last year’s driver took it for a spin in the school cafeteria and each of the sub groups worked well, from the arm to the drive train. There was one minor difficulty with the attachment to the catcher arm. It refused adamantly to do it’s job, and is now being fixed.

Tomorrow we plan to practice at the school again, honing the driver’s skills for the competition.

Feb 15 2014

4 days to go

Tonight, the team worked diligently, and their work was rewarded! The body of the ‘bot is now officially complete!! Cause for celebration, for sure, yet on top of that,the electrical is done! The team worked from nine in the morning to approximately six at night to get it completed. It was totally worth it!

Feb 13 2014

5 days to go

There are now 5 days to go until Bag N’ Tag. Bag N’ Tag symbolizes the end of the build season for all the teams, meaning hands off the robot after February 18th. This means that all the teams have the exact same amount of time to spend on building their robot.  Bag N’ Tag is a big event, where many teams get together  show off their ‘bots, practice on a mock practice field, and celebrate the end of a successful build season. After all, all’s well that ends well.

Feb 11 2014

In the Works

The final robot is in the works! The team has worked diligently over the last few meetings to great effect. It is now built of solid c-channel which provide the structural support which is needed for our catapult design.

Our public relations officer is uber-delighted with the letter that she has been drafting. She has been using her talents to the best advantage of the team, while at the same time practicing real world skills which will serve her well later in life.

The programing team is also mondo-delighted with what it is doing. They are trying to find rainbow colored LED light strings that they can make them flash on command.

Two members of the build team finished hooking  up the motor that draws back the shooter straps, and now they are working on a motor that will release the straps to launch the ball.


Feb 01 2014

changing gears over the past two meetings

The decision about whether or not we would continue working on the current design, or move to a new one was made. It went to an anonymous vote which was staggeringly in favor of an alternate design. At the next meeting, the team began to work on a new prototype. This time around, the prototype is all wood, and includes the arm mechanism which will lift the ball onto the shooter mechanism. The team is  working  well together on this and is completely devoted to getting a working robot for before February 18th, called Bag N’ Tag day by the teams. The robot must be completely done by midnight that night.

We are optimistic that the robot will be done with enough time to practice with our friends the Enforcers, team 178, who have graciously agreed to  shared their practice field with NRG.

Jan 25 2014

The Final Shooter Prototyping Day

Today is the deadline for the prototype, which the team specified earlier this week. We hope to use this sling-shot method, but in case it does not work, there are always other methods.  The rules have come into play a lot. They play a very large part in designing the robot and prototyping. There is no use in building a wonderful prototype that breaks every single rule that is applicable. The rules also often come under debate because each team member and mentor has different ideas what the wording FIRST in the manual used means. However, this healthy conflict is what allows the Northwestern Regional Gearheads to be so successful as a team.

Our President worked tirelessly to start the bumpers, only to be stalled by the fact that we do not have access to some more of the wood and materials which are needed.

Our Vice President finished up the drive train with the help of the Officer of Public Relations. This was the most successful part of the evening. We now have a good base for what ever method for launching the ball is used in the end.


Jan 24 2014

Shooting Mechanisms, Will Flight be Achieved?

The drive train team has finished assembling the drive train, the skeleton base of the robot, so now we have a rectangle with the SIMs (motors) and the wheels are in  the process of being put on.

There is now a prototype, which the team is confident will accurately represent the finished robot, after it is built of course. At the moment there are two rails which support the ball, with a wok lid being used as the launch pad which touches the ball. This insures that the twisted elastic exercise bands do not touch the ball and interfere with the flight path. The team is hopeful that this idea will work.

Jan 04 2014

Kick-off at Farmington

Team NRG met at NWR7 in frigid -5 degrees weather to board the bus and head to Farmington High School. Today we learn what this seasons competition is going to be about and we get our build kit. MichKayla and Roka represented our team in a pre-show game. Silly fun! We will learn what this seasons game is at 10:15. You can watch the live feed from NASA at .

Oct 15 2013

To current FIRST NRG 4055 members, mentors, and parent contributors

*The new site is up and running, but it isn’t complete without you!* If you haven’t already registered with me, Rachel Vincent, please email my school email [rvincent (at)] the following information for your registration to the new site. First name: Last name: Username you would like to log in with: e-mail address: *(I will assign you a temporary password with which you can log in and change to what ever you would like)*

Oct 14 2013

Meetings week of 10/10/13

We will be meeting both Tuesday and Wednesday this week at The Mill(Whiting Mills). Yes we have a meeting even with no school on Tuesday. Plan on a short meeting on Tuesday and then work nights to continue geeting our space ready. Remember to park on Holabird Avenue and use the Holabird Avenue entrance.

Oct 10 2013

Second event!

OK, We are now registered for Groton and Hartford. As of registration time the following events were on wait list: Nashua, Boston and WPI. That means our next event will most likely need to be Southington, Rhode Island or Pine Tree depending on availability.


All team members need to put March 8th and 9th(Groton)  as well as March 29th and 30th(Hartford) on their schedules.

We are also signed up for the Farmington high school kickoff event on January 4th.

Oct 08 2013

Parking and entry to Whiting Mills

Just so everyone knows where to park and where to enter Whiting Mills I thought I’d clarify. Parking is available acroos the street in the parking lot between the firehouse and the fence. Entry to the building is from the “front” Holabird Ave entrance. Go through the green door and down the stairs on the left. Follow the hallway to the end and our unit is on the left.

An alternathe choice would be to park in the back of the building and enter the entrance in the middle of the building. Follow hallway to end and turn right. When you reach the train layout go to the far left and follow the stairs to the lowest level. Exit stairwell and turn right twice and we are straight ahead.

Oct 08 2013


Everyone should be checking the website for updates but I was asked to send this email. Meetings this week are at Whiting Mills. We will be working on cleaning and painting. Please bring your paint rollers. We will supply covers. Brooms would be great as well. You need to have your waiver in to me or Rachel by tonight. Steve

Oct 07 2013

Important information.

Please check the website for important information pertaining to this weeks meetings. Steve

Oct 07 2013

Update from Bash!

The email link was broken so all the posts I sent on Saturday never got posted. So here’s a late update!

Team NRG along with their two alliance partners, 236 and 2168 made it all the way to the finals. We played against none other than Team 195, the Cyberknights as well as 1099 and 3834. In the first round we were beaten by 2 points. Round two originally was scored as a win for our alliance by 7 points. A dispute was raised on the foul that was scored in our favor. It was corrected and we only won by 1 point, but still a win. This was due to a major change in strategy to provide better defense against 195′s full court shooter. Our alliance was scrambling for batteries for each match and NRG’s drive motors were severly overheating. We needed to resort to canned compressed air to cool the motors down between matches. The final match was a fight to the end, between great defense, climbing ability and a malfunction with 195′s shooter our allinace not only won but won by a huge margin.

Final score 92 to 35

The entire gym was astonished by the final score. It proves that teamwork and persistance pays off in the long run.

Keep up the great work Team NRG!!!

Oct 07 2013

Meeting Updates!

Update for this week, we will be meeting at Whiting Mills on Tuesday and Wednesday. Dress prepared to work and get dirty! We will be cleaning and painting the floor as well as possibly building walls. All printed release forms must be handed in to Steve or Rachel either before attending or at the door. We will be entering at the at the main entrance at the end of the building facing Holabird Avenue. We will be parking accross the street in the parking lot on the right.

Please bring any painting supplies you may have. We will supply roller covers but you need to bring a roller and extension handle if you have one. Brooms or dustpans would be useful as well.

Oct 06 2013

Email post from Thursday

We are officially registered for Groton as noted Tuesday night. We are also registered for Kickoff at Farmington high school. This week on Tuesday 10/8 we will vote on which second event we will attend. We will also have a brief discussion on drive train options to be voted on the following week, Tuesday 10/15
As a reminder both Tuesday and Wednesday night meetings will be at the Whiting Mills complex on Whiting Street in Winsted. Come dressed in work clothes and be prepared to get dirty.
Sorry the website did not send this out on Thursday

Sep 06 2013

Scholarship info!

Hi Robotics Team & Parents – FIRST just posted some of the 2014 scholarships. The earliest deadlines for applying so far are December and January. Most are for Seniors but there are a couple for Juniors as well. Also, there’s an information session in Hartford on October 24 at 7 p.m. for RIT (where our illustrious alum, Alan Welch, attends). If any Seniors are interested in car-pooling, let me know. – Shelley 860-542-1657

Sep 03 2013


ALCOA Foundation

Sep 02 2013



Childrens foundation

Aug 31 2013

First meeting

Hope everyone had a great first week of school. Our first official robotics meeting will be Tuesday 9/3 from 6-9 as is the norm. I am requesting that all current members of the team be present. We should have several invited guests(from freshman orientation) and you should all bring someone new with you. Michele and I have a lot of important information for everyone and I’m sure the officer team will as well. Now is the time to begin planning for the upcoming build season as well as the time to grow the team before we lose all the graduating seniors. Please make every attempt to be on time so we can have a successful first meeting. Steve

Aug 27 2013

Fw: CT FIRST University Day 2013 – Registration now open!

I wanted to post this to all team members. I need a list of anyone that would like to attend any sessions to submit by this Saturday 8/31. If you are going and would like lunch I need to know that as well. It will be payable at the door on check in. Please let me know if you are interested ASAP. Steve Hello teams! We invite you to attend our annual CT FIRST University Day, Saturday, September 7, 2013, at Central Connecticut State University, New Britain, CT. We have arranged a great schedule of workshops from some of New England’s best FIRSTers for you! In addition, we will hold a special session for rookie teams in the morning, and will also have an update on on the new district model of competition. Thanks to our sponsors, the sessions are free for FRC students and mentors. Pre-ordered lunch tickets may be reserved at time of registration for $5 each, payable at team check-in that morning. To view details, including the workshop schedule and the link to registration, visit the CT FIRST website: Registration deadline is August 31. Looking forward to seeing you on September 7! ~Kathie Kathie Kentfield FIRST Senior Mentor, Connecticut E W,,,

Aug 25 2013

Freshman orientation

Tomorrow, Monday 8/26 is Freshmsn orientation at NWR7. NRG will be recruiting. All team members are expected to come and help. Robot room at 6:00 and set up upstairs. Everyone should wear their team shirts. Steve

Aug 21 2013


Tonight is tour at RoBrand 5:30 at 319 Cooke Street Plainville. Go past Enforcers, turn left at stop sign on Red Oak Hill. Go to end, turn right on Rt. 10. At 2nd light(Mobil station) go left onto Cooke Street. RoBrand is about 1/2 mile on right. Tomorrow is 7th grade open house. FTC needs our help for recruiting. Freshman orientation is next Monday not Tuesday as I previously posted. We need to recruit at both if these events. See you all tonight. Steve

Aug 19 2013

Upcoming dates, reply needed

Ok NRG, This week we have multiple events. Tonight at the school we have sponsor letters. We need am many students as possible. Wednesday we have our Robrand tour. Please email me or text 860-754-8717 whether you will be attending or not. Lou us buying pizza so I need a head count. Thursday is 7th grade orientation. Planning on helping FTC, mire info to follow. NRG shirts required. Next Tuesday Freshman open house, planning on showing the bot and recruiting. NRG shirts required. Next Wednesday school starts, look for opportunities to invite students and teachers to come check us out. Steve

Aug 15 2013

Live From The Field

No meeting tonight, rescheduled for Monday. Not enough people available tonight.

Jul 30 2013

Lake Compounce

Remember, $24 is due tonight. Steve

Jul 17 2013

Response needed!

A quick post with some things that require all student team members to respond. First is an upcoming event on August 8th. The Enforcers are again facilitating a group purchase of tickets for Lake Compounce. This is not an official NRG or robotics event. No transportation will be provided with the exception of rides arranged with your parents, driving yourself, or with any parent/mentor that will be going. The cost will be $24 per person and will be due before July 30th. I need a head count to forward to Michele from the Enforcers by this Saturday July 20th. If you want to go you must reply back to me at or text me at 860-754-8717. If you do not do one of these by Saturday you will not be able to go for the discounted price. If you do say you are going, you will be responsible for the $24 being paid before July 30th. Second is an important vote taking place next Tuesday 7/23. We have been discussing the possibility of acquiring an offsite facility for our team. We have much planning and work to do to make it happen and it still may fall through. But the vote will be whether we should move forward with the planning and steps needed to make this happen. Much discussion has taken place already and more will come-If you have missed the last few meeting you have missed out on a lot of information. Please come to the meeting prepared to vote yes or no on whether we should continue to move forward with this next big step. If you need more information check the meeting notes or ask your team mates that have been present. If you are unable to attend and wish to vote you must do so in writing either to me, or text 860-754-8717 or to Eli at or text 860-605-7331 Hope to see you all next Tuesday. Steve Wootton Lead Mentor FIRST FRC4055 Team NRG

Jun 20 2013

Live From The Field

Hi guys. There is NO MEETING tomorrow June 20th. Any tag sale items bring directly to the barkhamsted town garage no later then 7:45 please. The tag sale will be from 7:15-3:00pm. All junk will be hulled up to the dump by my dads truck. P.S. If you wanna see my with short hair show up and help :D. -Eli

Jun 16 2013

Meetings this week

Happy fathers day, Based upon a discussion yesterday when unloading the robot, there will be no meetings this week. Tuesday evening is graduation for 6th grade Barkhamsted students. Thursday would be for planning for the tag dale in Saturday. Look for an upcoming email from Megan or Eli for specifics for Saturday. AGAIN NO MEETINGS THIS WEEK Steve

Apr 11 2013

It’s National Robotics Week!

Guess what everybody – it’s National Robotics Week!  Celebrate robotics!  Check out the events list at:

Apr 06 2013

What kind of Style?

Having fun between matches! Sent from my iPad

Apr 06 2013

I mustache you a question…


Who is one of the best alliance partners? NRG! Team Aztechs gave us their Golden mustache award.

Apr 06 2013

Four Matches This Morning

NRG has 4 qualifying matches this morning (Saturday, April 6).






Apr 05 2013

What a day at the Pine Tree Regional!

Today was the first day of qualifying matches. Similar to our experience in Hartford, we had a difficult start, riddled with problems to solve, and were ranked in the bottom 5. Through the day, the students rallied and worked on the bot and strategy. We rose through the ranks up to SIXTH at one point, but settled in at 12th at the end of today. That was terrific and well-noticed. But that wasn’t all! The team won the prestigious Entrepreneurship Award!!! The announcer spoke about the judges comments, one of which was that it is very rare that this award goes to such a young team. I am so very proud of these students! Tomorrow brings the last of the qualifying rounds and the playoffs. Go Gearheads!

Apr 05 2013

A typical intro

Apr 05 2013

Rising in the ranks!

Just as they did in Hartford last week, NRG had a rough start here in Lewiston, Maine. And just as they did in Hartford, they are climbing in the ranks! From the last 10 to the top 10 so far! GO GEARHEADS!

Apr 05 2013

Lets dance!


Apr 05 2013

Some Interesting Characters!

Fear the deer?… Fear the gears!

Apr 05 2013

A beautiful day…

… At the Colisee Sent from my iPhone

Apr 05 2013

Some Interesting Characters!

Fear the deer?… Fear the gears! Sent from my iPhone

Apr 05 2013

Pine Tree Live

Visit the Pine Tree Regional website for live stream or to learn more about this competition! >> >> Sent from my iPad > > > > — > Rachel Vincent > :) >

Apr 05 2013

Pine Tree Live

Visit the Pine Tree Regional website for live stream or to learn more about this competition! Sent from my iPad

Apr 04 2013


The refs cover the rules and answer questions at the end of the practice day at the Pine Tree Regional. Sent from my iPhone

Mar 19 2013

Twitter hashtag for CT Regional

FIRST Robotics Competition Connecticut Regional teams:
The CT FIRST Regional Planning Committee has established the following Twitter hashtag for use in your team’s Twitter posts leading up to, during and after the CT Regional March 29 and 30:
As a way to build positive awareness and excitement with sponsors, mentors, volunteers and media, support teams during the event and demonstrate expertise, teamwork, Gracious Professionalism and Coopertition, we encourage you to use the above hashtag in your team’s Tweets.
If you have not already done so, we also encourage you to ‘follow’ the official CT FIRST Twitter handle: @ctfirst

Feb 17 2013

FTC 6762 on the TV News!

FTC NRG 6762 was on the news with two quotes from FRC student mentor, Petoyn Watford!


Dec 07 2012

CT FIRST LEGO League State Championships NEEDS VOLUNTEERS!

The Connecticut FIRST LEGO League State Championships is being this Sunday, December 9, 2012 at Central Connecticut State University in New Britain, CT.

Due to some last-minute volunteer cancellations, organizer Mike Gentry is looking to the CT FIRST FRC community for help!  If you can volunteer to work at the event on Sunday please contact Mike as soon as possible at  or via his cellphone:  860-608-3223.

High School students are welcome to volunteer but must be paired up with an adult.  There is a particular need for project presentation judges.  For more information visit

Nov 05 2012

FTC Reminder – 1st Meeting Tuesday, Nov. 6

Reminder the first FTC meeting is Tuesday night, Nov. 6th, from 7:00 to 8:00 pm!

Oct 17 2012

Reminder: Team photo Thursday night – Wear your team shirt!

Reminder: We’re taking a team photo Thursday night at 7:00 pm.  Please remember to wear your team shirt (or a black shirt)!!!

Oct 15 2012

Interesting Article on “Robot Worker”

Here’s an interesting article from an IEEE Spectrum Tech Alert (use link at end to see whole article and photos): 

How Rethink Robotics Built Its New Baxter Robot Worker

Baxter, an industrial robot from Rethink Robotics based on the vision of Rodney Brooks—possibly the world’s most celebrated roboticist—makes its debut this month. Brooks, who is also the start-up’s founder, chairman, and CTO, is optimistic that Baxter will unleash a revolution in manufacturing because of the many ways in which it is unlike any other industrial robot. Its two arms, each with seven degrees of freedom, don’t move with superhuman speed and precision. But the machine adapts to changes in its environment, and can be programmed to take on a new task by a person with no robotics experience. And while a traditional two-armed robot, including sensors and programming, will typically set you back hundreds of thousands of dollars, Baxter costs just US $22 000.


Sep 30 2012

CAD / CNC Tuesday 10/2

In addition to our regular meeting, work, & fun we have a special treat for Tuesday night.  Mr. Goddu and John and A.J., our mentors from Optiwind, are going to show us how to do a little Computer Aided Design (CAD).  Hopefully we’ll be able to send our files to the CNC machine in the wood shop and see our designs become reality, too.  The object we’ll be designing is a surprise but I hear its both famaliar and important to our team.  Don’t miss this special opportunity to have some fun and learn something new!

Sep 24 2012

Bash at the Beach