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Nov 05 2014

DS SolidWorks


Dassault Systèmes, SolidWorks Corporation donated a year’s license for the use of their SolidWorks CAD software.

Apr 16 2014

See You in St. Loui!

FIRST® NRG4055′s bot “Scratch That” was given the thumb-up by FedEx driver Dave and is on its way to the Championships in St. Louis!


Apr 13 2014


Mentor’s Log, Sunday April 23, 2014, 7:21 am: Waking up at the hotel after three days of exciting competition realizing that it wasn’t a dream. The FIRST Northwestern Robotics Gearheads worked their way up the ranks in a field of the best teams in New England, got themselves noticed, was selected to be on the #3 alliance, and are the undefeated finals NEFIRST winners with that alliance. These students haven’t even finished their third year as a team and earned their place to compete in the Championships against the best in the world! I was already the most proud mentor after the team earned the numerous awards that they had this season… But to have made it to the finals in two CT district events, earning gold in the New England Championship event, and now a seat in the world FIRST Championships?! WOW! I am overwhelmed with pride for these students and with gratitude to those who have supported them. Thank you to our school, parents, local businesses, and corporate sponsors. Without your support, this organization couldn’t function. To the mentors of this young team, your endless hours of working with and for this team astounds me. The students have achieved great things in a short time under your guidance. Your ability to share your expertise while facilitating and allowing the students to really do this on their own… YOU I thank, we all thank! This mentor wakes up feeling blessed.

-Rachel V.

Apr 11 2014

Entrepreneurship Award in Boston!

Here is how it was introduced…

“The Entrepreneurship Award sponsored by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit by recognizing a team that has developed the framework for a comprehensive business plan to scope, manage, and achieve team objectives.

We have a team that had no fears
Who faced a trifecta of challenges without any tears.
Together as a family they sought new cash
With customized letters and grants, they built a stash.
They got FIRST teams together for a Halloween dance
To build connections and improve their chance.
Building their team over three years
They’ve used every one of their entrepreneurial gears.
We salute this team as their message spreads
We’re proud to reward the Northwestern Robotics Gearheads!

Congratulations Team #4055 – Northwestern Robotics Gearheads.”

Apr 10 2014

Practice Time

FIRST Northwestern Robotics Gearheads are in Boston practicing before the qualifying matches begin this afternoon. We thanks our generous sponsors ALCOA Foundation and United Technologies for getting us to this event. It is a wonderful venue full of terrific teams!


Mar 28 2014

Hungry for Hartford!

Having made it to the finals and giving the number one ranked team a challenging set of matches, FIRST® Northwestern Robotics Gearheads Team 4055 is ready to work in alliance with other teams to make it to the finals in Hartford this weekend, March 29th and 30th! Below are links to the weekend’s agenda and map to Hartford Public High School. Come and support FIRST® NRG 4055!

Agenda  &  Location 

Mar 23 2014


Mentor’s Log, March 23, 2014, 10:08pm: Last night, Safety Captain Matt saw three deer on the way home from Southington. Tonight, FIRST NRG 4055 finished the two-days of qualifying rounds in third place (yay!). NRG was a team captain which allowed them to select two other teams to play in their three-team alliance in the final rounds. NRG and their alliance played in all three levels of the final rounds landing in THE final two out of three matches having to play all three (yay, yay, yay!)! Though the team did not take the “winner” title at the Southington Regional Event, they were “finalists” (second place alliance). They also won a prestigious Entrepreneurship Award for the second year in a row. In the team’s three short years, NRG 4055 has worked hard and earned the respect of veteran teams as they continued to make a name for themselves. Again, I have to state how extremely proud I am of this group of students. Thank you to all who support this organization, especially ALCOA Foundation, our Northwestern Regional family, our community businesses, and of course our personal families.

Side note: We are proud Northwestern Regional High School Highlanders (deer).  :)

Mar 23 2014

Starting day two

Northwestern Robotics Gearheads (NRG) ended the day yesterday in 5th place of 32 teams. Today they have more qualifying matches to play to see if they make it into the final rounds at the Southington District FIRST event. GO GEARHEADS!

Mar 22 2014

And we’ve arrived!

FIRST NRG 4055 is at Southington High Schoolnd about to practice on the main playing field. Qualifying matches start at 11am. Get your bot down here and watch Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in action!

Mar 19 2014

Support us in Southington!

The FIRST® Northwestern Robotics Gearheads (NRG) will be competing in a two-day event this weekend. 32 CT teams from Granby to Guilford, Torrington to Tolland, and one from New Hampshire will be there. Our under 20-student team is one of the smallest teams attending. Other teams have 50 and up to 100 members! WE NEED YOU! Please consider attending and supporting this young team. It is a family-friendly event with lots of music, cheering, intense competition, yet gracious and professional interactions all-around. See STEM in action! SPREAD THE WORD!

Where: Southington High School, 720 Pleasant St, Southington, CT

When: Saturday, March 22 and Sunday, March 23


Curious about what this year’s competition is?
Manuals the students need to know (unbelievable):


Mar 12 2014

Next Stop: Southington!

FIRST® Northwestern Robotics Gearheads 4055 would LOVE for you to cheer them on at their next event at the Southington High School‎, 720 Pleasant Street, Southington, CT on March 22 & 23. If you can only make it on one day, we encourage you to come on Sunday, March 23. The opening ceremonies start at 9am and the last qualifying matches are held from 9:30am to 12:30pm. At the end of the Qualification matches, the top eight (8) seeded teams become the “Alliance Leads.” They will then select two more teams to be a part of their alliance to compete in the final matches. It is an exciting day and we hope to see you there!

Mar 10 2014

As we wake up Monday morning…

We reflect on what a terrific weekend FIRST® NRG 4055 had! We neither advanced past the quarter finals nor won an award… But we had a great time at the Groton District event! Team NRG was fully engaged the entire weekend. The drive team was continually planning strategies with alliance teams to play the most effective game possible. Build, Electrical, and Programming students were called in to make modifications during the event. The pit crew and safety captain manned the pit area and entertained questions from the public about our bot. The scouting team did the very important job of taking notes on all the other teams. This is critical for the drive team so they may plan a good strategy. Mentor Shelly volunteered to ensure visitors in the pit area were safe and distributed safety glasses. Mentor Tom volunteered on the playing field to assist the announcer and energize the audience with his enthusiasm. Mentor Michele was announced as a candidate for the prestigious Woodie Flowers Award which will be announced at the New England Championship. The team shared robot components with another team to get them up and running. We cheered on our alliance teams. We rejoiced in others’ victories. NRG was elated when their friends the Enforcers Team 178 received the well-deserved Gracious Professionalism® Award. EVERYONE on FIRST® NRG 4055 played an important role to the team unit. and we helped others as well. And what made this mentor most proud was how well the students represented their community with their innate Gracious Professionalism® and displaying their Coopertition® spirit. GO GEARHEADS!

Submitted by Rachel

Mar 09 2014

Out in the Quarters…

NRG 4055 fought hard with Gus 228 and RoboSquad 558. They won their first of the 2 out of three matches against  teams 230, 1699, and 1991. They lost the second. They were ahead in the third deciding round, but lost due to a technical foul (an opponent’s game ball bounced into an alliance team’s robot which was considered a possession – added points to the opponent’s score). NRG is staying to cheer on their friends Enforcers 178. We look forward to the awards ceremony at the end of this event… Will the team receive any awards? Stay tuned!

Mar 09 2014

NRG 4055 is in the Groton Finals!

They were up. They were down. They didn’t make the top eight… But… They were selected by a top eight team to play in their alliance! Team NRG is in the finals of the Groton District Event! They were selected by second ranked team 228, GUS from Meriden, CT. The three-team alliance is completed by team 558, RoboSquad from New Haven, CT. Yay!!!

Mar 09 2014

Groton, Day 2

After opening ceremonies and a few matches, the event is ahead of schedule…. So what happens in that case? A dance off! MichKayla represented our team out on the field and danced her bot off!

Mar 08 2014

Groton, Day One.

NRG 4055 ended the day in 19th place of 33… Their lowest rank of the day. If history repeats itself, NRG will climb in the ranks tomorrow as they’ve done in every event over the past two years!

Mar 08 2014

Eric the Gearhead!

Angry Eric is ecstatic to receive a customized Gearheads helmet designed to fit over his Mowhawk-style hair-do. The first time Eric saw a gearhead, he said he wanted one. Thank you to NRG4055 mentor Tom Goddu for designing and making this special helmet!


Mar 08 2014

Observing the Competition

Team NRG checks out the competition as they wait for their turn to practice at the Groton District Event.


Feb 27 2014

What a Family!

NRG 4055 is grateful for their family. Our parent-mentors who volunteer so many hours to guide the team and facilitate the learning and progress our students make, and the parent volunteers who feed us… Thank you for all you do! Thank you for your support! We love our Gearhead Family! Go Gearheads!

Feb 25 2014

Button, Button, Who’s Got a Button?

We do! This seasons new buttons are on order and arriving next week… Just in time for our first competition of the Aerial Assist season! Click on “view full post” below to see the designs!

ButtonFtD2014 copyButtonISBS2014 copy

Feb 18 2014

Last Day!

The Gearheads are at the Farmington Enforcers 178. It’s 7:30pm and we just shared a yummy pot-luck dinner. Now we’ve got under 5 hours to finish the bot and test it on the Enforcers’ Game field. Here’s a picture of us working on the bot… image

Jan 06 2014

Meeting Cancelled – Icy Conditions

Only two days into the 6-week build period and Mother Nature has forced the cancellation of an important meeting. Team NRG will use this time to review the over 90-page game manual and technical detail of the field and robot components. The team will communicate online using it new discussion forum. This young team is flexible and makes the best of every situation. Go Gearheads!

Jan 04 2014

Kick-off at Farmington

Team NRG met at NWR7 in frigid -5 degrees weather to board the bus and head to Farmington High School. Today we learn what this seasons competition is going to be about and we get our build kit. MichKayla and Roka represented our team in a pre-show game. Silly fun! We will learn what this seasons game is at 10:15. You can watch the live feed from NASA at .

Oct 27 2013

Hartford District Event, March 29 & 30, 2014

Team NRG4055 will be traveling to Hartford early in the morning Saturday March 8th & Sunday, March 9th for their third district event competition. All FIRST® Events are free and open to the public. If you are available, please stop by and support us!

Hartford Public High School
55 Forest Street
Hartford, CT  06105

Oct 27 2013

Groton District Event, March 8 & 9, 2014

Team NRG4055 will be traveling to Groton early Saturday morning March 8th & Sunday, March 9th for their first district event competition. All FIRST® Events are free and open to the public. If you are available, please stop by and support us!

Fitch High School
101 Groton Long Point Road
Groton, CT  06340

Oct 27 2013

FRC Kickoff – Saturday, January 4, 2014

Kickoff marks the beginning of the design and build season. Teams have the opportunity to meet at “local” Kickoffs to compare notes, get ideas, make friends, find mentoring teams, learn the game, pick up the Kit of Parts, and get geared up for the exciting competition season. NRG will be attending the Farmington Enforcers Kick-Off Event on Saturday, January 4, 2014.

Oct 27 2013

New Site Under Construction

As this site is being reconstructed, you may notice certain articles and information missing. Content from before October 2013 is being added bit-by-bit. Thank you for your patience.

Team members and mentors may log into the new “members only” site to stay up-to-date with meetings and other activities.

Oct 27 2013

Costume Party Fun!

Thank you to those who helped with the NRG’s first social event, with extra special thanks to Megan and Meredith for their organization and planning. Though the attendance was not as large as we had hoped, it was a tremendous success! Everyone had a blast! Our guests from the Uberbots, Enforcers, and Operation PEACCE raved about the band Chronic Rhythm (they were awesome!! There was a costume contest with prizes, pizza, candy, snacks, beverages, decorations, a dark atmosphere with table top lighting, expeditious clean-up… well-executed team NRG! The team has now made a name for themselves socially in the local USFIRST community. Next year, let’s plan sooner and we’ll fill that cafeteria!

Thank you to the following guests for sharing in our fun!

Enforcers: Ashley A., Mason J., Veronica K., Tim R., Mark S., Lauren S., Michele H. (mentor)

Operation PEACCE: Peregrine B., Joshua E., Gwynn M., Ian M., Piper O., Ashley R., Tanner, David M. (mentor), James B. (junior mentor)

Uberbots: Elizabeth C., Jack C., Austin C., Sky N., Justin N., Rick & Chithra N. (mentors)

Oct 21 2013

Norfolk Now: Northwestern Regional Robotics Team Gears-up for 3rd Season


Oct 15 2013

To current FIRST NRG 4055 members, mentors, and parent contributors

*The new site is up and running, but it isn’t complete without you!* If you haven’t already registered with me, Rachel Vincent, please email my school email [rvincent (at)] the following information for your registration to the new site. First name: Last name: Username you would like to log in with: e-mail address: *(I will assign you a temporary password with which you can log in and change to what ever you would like)*

Oct 14 2013

Info needed for new site

Hello! This message is intended for FIRST NRG 4055 team members. If you are receiving it, you are registered to the team’s public site and please disregard.

*FIRST NRG 4055 team members, mentors, and parent contributors:* If haven’t already registered with Rachel, please email Rachel’s school email the following information for the new site.

First name

Last name

Username you would like to log in with: e-mail address

(Rachel will assign you a temporary password with which you can log in and change to what ever you would like)

* * *FIRST NRG 4055 Mentors and Officers:* If you haven’t done so already, please email Rachel categories or topics into which you would like to have information and discussions organized.

Oct 14 2013

Meetings week of 10/10/13

We will be meeting both Tuesday and Wednesday this week at The Mill(Whiting Mills). Yes we have a meeting even with no school on Tuesday. Plan on a short meeting on Tuesday and then work nights to continue geeting our space ready. Remember to park on Holabird Avenue and use the Holabird Avenue entrance.

Oct 10 2013

Second event!

OK, We are now registered for Groton and Hartford. As of registration time the following events were on wait list: Nashua, Boston and WPI. That means our next event will most likely need to be Southington, Rhode Island or Pine Tree depending on availability.


All team members need to put March 8th and 9th(Groton)  as well as March 29th and 30th(Hartford) on their schedules.

We are also signed up for the Farmington high school kickoff event on January 4th.

Oct 08 2013

Parking and entry to Whiting Mills

Just so everyone knows where to park and where to enter Whiting Mills I thought I’d clarify. Parking is available acroos the street in the parking lot between the firehouse and the fence. Entry to the building is from the “front” Holabird Ave entrance. Go through the green door and down the stairs on the left. Follow the hallway to the end and our unit is on the left.

An alternathe choice would be to park in the back of the building and enter the entrance in the middle of the building. Follow hallway to end and turn right. When you reach the train layout go to the far left and follow the stairs to the lowest level. Exit stairwell and turn right twice and we are straight ahead.

Oct 08 2013


Everyone should be checking the website for updates but I was asked to send this email. Meetings this week are at Whiting Mills. We will be working on cleaning and painting. Please bring your paint rollers. We will supply covers. Brooms would be great as well. You need to have your waiver in to me or Rachel by tonight. Steve

Oct 07 2013

Important information.

Please check the website for important information pertaining to this weeks meetings. Steve

Oct 07 2013

Update from Bash!

The email link was broken so all the posts I sent on Saturday never got posted. So here’s a late update!

Team NRG along with their two alliance partners, 236 and 2168 made it all the way to the finals. We played against none other than Team 195, the Cyberknights as well as 1099 and 3834. In the first round we were beaten by 2 points. Round two originally was scored as a win for our alliance by 7 points. A dispute was raised on the foul that was scored in our favor. It was corrected and we only won by 1 point, but still a win. This was due to a major change in strategy to provide better defense against 195′s full court shooter. Our alliance was scrambling for batteries for each match and NRG’s drive motors were severly overheating. We needed to resort to canned compressed air to cool the motors down between matches. The final match was a fight to the end, between great defense, climbing ability and a malfunction with 195′s shooter our allinace not only won but won by a huge margin.

Final score 92 to 35

The entire gym was astonished by the final score. It proves that teamwork and persistance pays off in the long run.

Keep up the great work Team NRG!!!

Oct 07 2013

Meeting Updates!

Update for this week, we will be meeting at Whiting Mills on Tuesday and Wednesday. Dress prepared to work and get dirty! We will be cleaning and painting the floor as well as possibly building walls. All printed release forms must be handed in to Steve or Rachel either before attending or at the door. We will be entering at the at the main entrance at the end of the building facing Holabird Avenue. We will be parking accross the street in the parking lot on the right.

Please bring any painting supplies you may have. We will supply roller covers but you need to bring a roller and extension handle if you have one. Brooms or dustpans would be useful as well.

Oct 07 2013

Congratulations on winning the BASH at the Beach!!!

You guys are amazing!

Oct 06 2013

Email post from Thursday

We are officially registered for Groton as noted Tuesday night. We are also registered for Kickoff at Farmington high school. This week on Tuesday 10/8 we will vote on which second event we will attend. We will also have a brief discussion on drive train options to be voted on the following week, Tuesday 10/15
As a reminder both Tuesday and Wednesday night meetings will be at the Whiting Mills complex on Whiting Street in Winsted. Come dressed in work clothes and be prepared to get dirty.
Sorry the website did not send this out on Thursday

Sep 06 2013

Scholarship info!

Hi Robotics Team & Parents – FIRST just posted some of the 2014 scholarships. The earliest deadlines for applying so far are December and January. Most are for Seniors but there are a couple for Juniors as well. Also, there’s an information session in Hartford on October 24 at 7 p.m. for RIT (where our illustrious alum, Alan Welch, attends). If any Seniors are interested in car-pooling, let me know. – Shelley 860-542-1657

Sep 03 2013


ALCOA Foundation

Sep 02 2013



Childrens foundation

Sep 01 2013



Bearingstar Insurance

East Coast Lighting Equipment

Sterling Engineering

Winsted Pawn and Jewelry

Sep 01 2013

Officers, 2013-2014


Eli-OfficerPresident: Eli

I am currently a senior at Northwestern Regional High School. This is my second year as president of NRG 4055. I enjoy working on things that are unrelated to the robot itself and don’t mind the outreach aspect of FIRST. Balancing school and robotics is quite hard when robotics can take over more time than anything else I do. Though looking forward I’m unsure about what I want to do once I’m out of high school. I intend to go to college for management and hope I have a stable career in this recession.
YOYO-THIS-IS-ME-fixed-225x300Vice-President: Matthew
I am a sophomore this year at Northwestern. I am the new vice president of FRC team NRG 4055. I look forward to the coming year and in assisting the team in as many ways as possible, be it organizing events or helping with community outreach. I was on the programming sub-team this year, and would like to remain involved with it for the next 3 years of high school. I would also like to take a further step into the electrical components and building of the robot. I want to help the team as much as possible and hopefully live up to expectations in the absence of our president.
Meredith-officerTreasurer: Meredith
I am currently a senior in high school. This is my third year in the Northwestern robotics program and first year as treasurer. This year alone I have raised $6,500 for NRG through various grants. As a member of the electrical team as well, I now truly understand the importance of zip ties, duct tape, and heat shrinks. These and other life lessons have influenced my interest in science and technology and changed my life. I never would have been involved in those fields without the FIRST program. I am appreciative to the many mentors and fellow teammates that have helped me along the way and continue to do so.
Megan-officerPublic Relations and Fundraising : Megan
I am currently a senior at Northwestern High School. This is my second year on NRG as well as my second year as head of Public Relations. I am extremely appreciative of the FIRST program, which has allowed me to explore many aspects of science and technology, and has opened a variety of doors for me. While in college, I plan to major in Nuclear Engineering and minor in mathematics. I later plan to pursue a career in nuclear engineering.
photo(1)Secretary : Roka
I am currently a sophomore at Northwestern High School. I have been interested in the sciences ever since I first learned about them, and this has greatly influenced my career decisions. Through the Robotics program, I have grown to appreciate the technological aspects as much as the scientific aspects of the world. I am grateful to everyone here for encouraging me to take an active part in all the proceedings, and to learn as much as possible! I have done and will continue to do my best to live up to the team’s expectations, and am proud to be part of this team. 

Aug 31 2013

First meeting

Hope everyone had a great first week of school. Our first official robotics meeting will be Tuesday 9/3 from 6-9 as is the norm. I am requesting that all current members of the team be present. We should have several invited guests(from freshman orientation) and you should all bring someone new with you. Michele and I have a lot of important information for everyone and I’m sure the officer team will as well. Now is the time to begin planning for the upcoming build season as well as the time to grow the team before we lose all the graduating seniors. Please make every attempt to be on time so we can have a successful first meeting. Steve

Aug 27 2013

Fw: CT FIRST University Day 2013 – Registration now open!

I wanted to post this to all team members. I need a list of anyone that would like to attend any sessions to submit by this Saturday 8/31. If you are going and would like lunch I need to know that as well. It will be payable at the door on check in. Please let me know if you are interested ASAP. Steve Hello teams! We invite you to attend our annual CT FIRST University Day, Saturday, September 7, 2013, at Central Connecticut State University, New Britain, CT. We have arranged a great schedule of workshops from some of New England’s best FIRSTers for you! In addition, we will hold a special session for rookie teams in the morning, and will also have an update on on the new district model of competition. Thanks to our sponsors, the sessions are free for FRC students and mentors. Pre-ordered lunch tickets may be reserved at time of registration for $5 each, payable at team check-in that morning. To view details, including the workshop schedule and the link to registration, visit the CT FIRST website: Registration deadline is August 31. Looking forward to seeing you on September 7! ~Kathie Kathie Kentfield FIRST Senior Mentor, Connecticut E W,,,

Aug 25 2013

Freshman orientation

Tomorrow, Monday 8/26 is Freshmsn orientation at NWR7. NRG will be recruiting. All team members are expected to come and help. Robot room at 6:00 and set up upstairs. Everyone should wear their team shirts. Steve

Aug 21 2013


Tonight is tour at RoBrand 5:30 at 319 Cooke Street Plainville. Go past Enforcers, turn left at stop sign on Red Oak Hill. Go to end, turn right on Rt. 10. At 2nd light(Mobil station) go left onto Cooke Street. RoBrand is about 1/2 mile on right. Tomorrow is 7th grade open house. FTC needs our help for recruiting. Freshman orientation is next Monday not Tuesday as I previously posted. We need to recruit at both if these events. See you all tonight. Steve

Aug 19 2013

Upcoming dates, reply needed

Ok NRG, This week we have multiple events. Tonight at the school we have sponsor letters. We need am many students as possible. Wednesday we have our Robrand tour. Please email me or text 860-754-8717 whether you will be attending or not. Lou us buying pizza so I need a head count. Thursday is 7th grade orientation. Planning on helping FTC, mire info to follow. NRG shirts required. Next Tuesday Freshman open house, planning on showing the bot and recruiting. NRG shirts required. Next Wednesday school starts, look for opportunities to invite students and teachers to come check us out. Steve

Aug 15 2013

Live From The Field

No meeting tonight, rescheduled for Monday. Not enough people available tonight.

Jul 30 2013

Lake Compounce

Remember, $24 is due tonight. Steve

Jul 17 2013

Response needed!

A quick post with some things that require all student team members to respond. First is an upcoming event on August 8th. The Enforcers are again facilitating a group purchase of tickets for Lake Compounce. This is not an official NRG or robotics event. No transportation will be provided with the exception of rides arranged with your parents, driving yourself, or with any parent/mentor that will be going. The cost will be $24 per person and will be due before July 30th. I need a head count to forward to Michele from the Enforcers by this Saturday July 20th. If you want to go you must reply back to me at or text me at 860-754-8717. If you do not do one of these by Saturday you will not be able to go for the discounted price. If you do say you are going, you will be responsible for the $24 being paid before July 30th. Second is an important vote taking place next Tuesday 7/23. We have been discussing the possibility of acquiring an offsite facility for our team. We have much planning and work to do to make it happen and it still may fall through. But the vote will be whether we should move forward with the planning and steps needed to make this happen. Much discussion has taken place already and more will come-If you have missed the last few meeting you have missed out on a lot of information. Please come to the meeting prepared to vote yes or no on whether we should continue to move forward with this next big step. If you need more information check the meeting notes or ask your team mates that have been present. If you are unable to attend and wish to vote you must do so in writing either to me, or text 860-754-8717 or to Eli at or text 860-605-7331 Hope to see you all next Tuesday. Steve Wootton Lead Mentor FIRST FRC4055 Team NRG

Jun 20 2013

Live From The Field

Hi guys. There is NO MEETING tomorrow June 20th. Any tag sale items bring directly to the barkhamsted town garage no later then 7:45 please. The tag sale will be from 7:15-3:00pm. All junk will be hulled up to the dump by my dads truck. P.S. If you wanna see my with short hair show up and help :D. -Eli

Jun 16 2013

Meetings this week

Happy fathers day, Based upon a discussion yesterday when unloading the robot, there will be no meetings this week. Tuesday evening is graduation for 6th grade Barkhamsted students. Thursday would be for planning for the tag dale in Saturday. Look for an upcoming email from Megan or Eli for specifics for Saturday. AGAIN NO MEETINGS THIS WEEK Steve

Jun 05 2013

Where Is Wolcott Invitational Field Trip Form

NRG4055 students going to WIWI: Be sure to get your field trip form into Ms. Vincent ASAP! Here’s another copy if you need it.

May 03 2013

Mother’s Day AVON Fundraiser

Attention Students and Mentors: You must hand in your AVON orders and payments to Rachel before 8am on Monday, May 6th. Please find her in the Career Arts hall before homeroom or in room 009 during homeroom and the beginning of the first period. :)

Apr 26 2013

Mother’s Day Fundraiser

The Northwestern Robotics Gearheads Team 4055 is raising funds to attend off-season competitions. We are trying something new… AVON products! Just in time for Mother’s Day gifts too! There are terrific coordinated packages for only $10 a set and AVON’s popular DEET-free Skin-So-Soft products which are being sold in mix-or-match pairs for $14 (mix-or-match 2 for $14). Twenty-five percent of the sales go to the robotics team. Orders placed by 2:00pm on May 3rd will get processed and will be ready for pick-up before Mother’s Day weekend! Write your check to RSD7 and get it and your order to Rachel Vincent at NWR7.
See the products HERE


Apr 22 2013

Team meeting changed

NRG WILL NOT MEET ON TUESDAY THIS WEEK. See you on Thursday, April 25 instead! :)

Apr 11 2013

It’s National Robotics Week!

Guess what everybody – it’s National Robotics Week!  Celebrate robotics!  Check out the events list at:

Apr 06 2013

Closing Ceremonies at Pine Tree

Many awards are earned at Regional competitions (see the list here). 

NRG was the recipient of the Entrepreneurship Award At the Pine Tree Regional this weekend. NRG cheered on the rookie teams who won the Rookie All Star and the Highest Seed/Ranked Rookie Award. NRG received these awards at two competitions in our rookie year last year and it gave us goosebumps to watch other new teams

At the Pine Tree Regional, NRG received the Entrepreneurship Award! And… Eli Wootton, NRG’s president, received one of the two prestigious Dean’s List Awards!

Go Gearheads!!!

Apr 06 2013


Having fun between matches!

Apr 06 2013

What kind of Style?

Having fun between matches! Sent from my iPad

Apr 06 2013

A CT Team in the Finals!

They helped eliminate us in the playoffs… A super-power who made it to St. Louis last year… Go Aces High, team 176 from Windsor Locks!

Apr 06 2013

I mustache you a question…


Who is one of the best alliance partners? NRG! Team Aztechs gave us their Golden mustache award.

Apr 06 2013

Such Excitement!

Though NRG did not advance in the playoffs, the eNeRGy here at the Pine Tree Regional is powerful and we’re having a terrific time! the team is staying through and cheering on our Connecticut friends who are still competing. There will be a closing ceremony later this afternoon and more awards to be announced. Our students nominated two of our students for the Dean’s List Award. Two deserving young men, Eli and Nate, are in the running with students from 37 other teams!

Apr 06 2013

Selected for the playoffs!


Top-ranked team 3930 selected NRG 4055 and team 157 to compete in the Pine Tree playoffs!


Apr 06 2013

Third Qualifying Match…

NRG went into their third qualifier of the day day ranked 7th. Their alliance came out with a loss in this round which will hurt other ranking. one more qualifying match to go! Who will the top 8 teams be for playoff alliance selections?! This stuff is so exciting!

Apr 06 2013

Second Qualifying Match…

Team NRG’s alliance gets another win!

Apr 06 2013

Off to a great start!

Day two of qualifying matches and NRG was an integral part of their winning alliance by shooting and landing an amazing amount of points! The other teams tried to block us, but our drive team had more moves and powered through them!

Apr 06 2013

Four Matches This Morning

NRG has 4 qualifying matches this morning (Saturday, April 6).






Apr 05 2013

What a day at the Pine Tree Regional!

Today was the first day of qualifying matches. Similar to our experience in Hartford, we had a difficult start, riddled with problems to solve, and were ranked in the bottom 5. Through the day, the students rallied and worked on the bot and strategy. We rose through the ranks up to SIXTH at one point, but settled in at 12th at the end of today. That was terrific and well-noticed. But that wasn’t all! The team won the prestigious Entrepreneurship Award!!! The announcer spoke about the judges comments, one of which was that it is very rare that this award goes to such a young team. I am so very proud of these students! Tomorrow brings the last of the qualifying rounds and the playoffs. Go Gearheads!

Apr 05 2013

A typical intro

Apr 05 2013

Who are we?

N R G ! Currently ranked 6th!

Apr 05 2013

Rising in the ranks!

Just as they did in Hartford last week, NRG had a rough start here in Lewiston, Maine. And just as they did in Hartford, they are climbing in the ranks! From the last 10 to the top 10 so far! GO GEARHEADS!

Apr 05 2013

Lets dance!


Apr 05 2013

Some Interesting Characters!

Fear the deer?… Fear the gears!

Apr 05 2013

A beautiful day…

… At the Colisee Sent from my iPhone

Apr 05 2013

Some Interesting Characters!

Fear the deer?… Fear the gears! Sent from my iPhone

Apr 05 2013

Trying something new…

In their first of 13 qualifying matches, NRG made most of their alliances points with superior shooting. The new 10 hanger system didn’t work out as planned though. Back to the pits to edit and revise. Lets see what happens in the next qualifier at 9:49!

Apr 05 2013

Watch it Live!

Visit the Pine Tree Regional website for live stream or to learn more about this competition!

Sent from my iPad

Apr 05 2013

Pine Tree Live

Visit the Pine Tree Regional website for live stream or to learn more about this competition! >> >> Sent from my iPad > > > > — > Rachel Vincent > :) >

Apr 05 2013

Pine Tree Live

Visit the Pine Tree Regional website for live stream or to learn more about this competition! Sent from my iPad

Apr 05 2013

Match Times

>> NRG is slated to compete in 13 qualifying matches on these days/times: >> Friday >> 9:14a >> 9:49a >> 10:52a >> 1:24p >> 1:48p >> 2:36p >> 3:08p >> 4:20p >> 5:24p >> Saturday >> 9:14a >> 10:03a >> 10:31a >> 11:13a >> >> Sent from my iPad

Apr 04 2013


The refs cover the rules and answer questions at the end of the practice day at the Pine Tree Regional. Sent from my iPhone

Apr 04 2013

Practice Field

NRG 4055 is at the Pine Tree Regional getting ready for practice day. Here’s a shot of the field from the stands. Sent from my iPhone

Apr 03 2013

Pine Tree Live!

Visit the Pine Tree Regional website for live stream or to learn more about this competition!

Apr 03 2013

Library Time

Team NRG 4055 spends a couple of hours at the library before dinner… Most of us got our homework done! Sent from my iPhone

Mar 30 2013

On our way home!

Still energized from the regional robotics event, team NRG discusses strategy for Maine. Sent from my iPhone

Mar 30 2013

Dancing at the CT Regionals!

Sent from my iPhone

Mar 30 2013

What a Competition!

We had a very rough start in the last days, rose in the ranks on the third day, and made it to the finals! Sadly, we did not advance… But WOW was the competition exciting!!! NRG plans to stay through the rest of the tournament and awards ceremony. Then it’s all about the Pine Tree Regional in Maine! Sent from my iPhone

Mar 30 2013

And the finalists are…

94 qualifying matches were played over the past two days… The top 8 ranked team captains each selected two other teams to compete with… Team NRG 4055 has been selected to be on a final alliance! We are in the playoffs! :) Sent from my iPhone

Mar 30 2013

What are we ranked?

After NRG’s last qualifying match, we were ranked 25. It was a challenging match which our alliance didn’t win. As the team has lunch, we await the final results to see who will be on the finals! Sent from my iPhone

Mar 30 2013

Last Qualifier!

NRG went into their last qualifying match ranked 10th. Their alliance was focused on defense and didn’t get too many shots in. This loss will pull us down in the ranks. Maybe one of the top 8 teams will choose us to be in their alliance in the playoffs.

Mar 30 2013

In a holding pattern

Drive captain, Megan watches on as NRG waits to compete in their last qualifying match. Currently, NRG is ranked 25. Sent from my iPhone

Mar 30 2013


Abby was selected to receive basket full of safety goodies from another team! Sent from my iPhone

Mar 30 2013

Second qualifier, day 2

>> Results… In another winning alliance! Yay! >> >> Sent from my iPad

Mar 30 2013

What did he say?

>> Team NRG performed fantastically in their first qualifying round today! Shot after shot went into the goal with no misses. The emcee announced us as “last year’s rookie powerhouse” at the end of the match. Team NRG has made their mark in their short two years! Fear the Deer?… Fear the GEARS! >> >> Sent from my iPad

Mar 30 2013

Terrific mentor wins!

Tim Barrons from Farmington’s Enforcers, team 178, just received the 2013 Woody Flowers Award! He is most deserving. He and his team have been most helpful to our team two years in a row. Thank you and Congratulations Tim!!! Sent from my iPhone

Mar 30 2013

And We’re Off…

… For day 3 of the FIRST CT Regional Competition! NRG will be competition. Today, NRG will have three qualifying rounds at approximately 9:20, 10:10, and 11:25. You can watch the matches online! Sent from my iPhone

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