NRG 4055 Wins Bash at the Beach

NRG 4055 wins with teams 173 RAGE and 236 Techno Ticks.


May I Just Say WOW?

The Gearheads participated in the inaugural Waterbury competition, and everyone on the team is thrilled to be back competing after a challenging build season. It was fantastic to see the variety of designs all the teams had used to achieve the same end goal. The teamwork all the teams exhibited was staggering, and from what I saw in the stands, everyone who was there was enthusiastic in their applause and appreciation.

NRG ended the qualification matches 5th, and was an alliance captain which means that our team got to chose an alliance of other teams with which to compete in the quarter-finals. We were eliminated before the semi-finals, however we enjoyed watching the semi-finals and final matches.

We also received the imagery award, for our visually spectacular display in the stands, thanks to our new Morale Manager! He was awesome!

Shout out to the UberBots and rookies Human Error for a fun alliance, best of luck for the rest of the season to both!





The finale has finally arrived! We come so far in these 6 weeks working on the robot, and making even stronger friendships with old friends and new alike. FIRST is an introduction to a new way of looking at life, and I am confident that all the rookie members of the team have had their horizons exponentially broadened over the course of build season. Our robot is complete, and we are just tweaking some of the autonomous features and the sensitivity of the drive train.

Everyone is having so much fun at the Enforcer’s Warehouse. A majority of our team was able to come, and we, along with the gracious Enforcers, have worked together to make a potluck, ensuring that everyone is fed to the point of explosion.

We are have a great time hanging out with the 2nd Law Enforcers, waiting until midnight to bag up our robot, sealing it until our first competition on February 28th and March 1st.


~Gearheadette and [read in deep voice] BATMAN

12 More Meeting Days to Bag N’Tag!!

Wow, how the time has flown! The team has reached that magical time in build season when everyone knows exactly what to do and how [ and no one runs into each other in the workshop any more!]. I could look back, and reminisce on how the team has become a family to each other, and how FIRST means so much more than just an acronym to the rookies now.

Even though we only have two weeks or so [eek!!!!!] left to build season, our design has been forced to be altered again. Only instead of a major structural change like last year, we have simply had to mildly redesign our robot to be underweight instead of overweight like it was by the end of last week. Thankfully, this year it was easier, so the changes were quicker to make.

I can confidently say that  excitement about the competition season and seeing the finished robot has energized the team and  we all have caught our second wind [with regards to robotics]. I hope that everyone else out there, teams 1 through [whatever number FIRST is up to by now] is having as much fun as the Gearheads are!






What is FIRSTTM? (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology)

FIRST is a non profit organization devoted to kindling and advancing the pursuits of science and ingenuity. Founded over 20 years ago by Dean Kamen, FIRST culminates into an international competition where people and teams can gain recognition, meet friends, gain new skill sets, and most importantly learn the meaning of Gracious Professionalism.

FIRST  Programs

FIRST hosts 4 different robotic competitions for all ages.

  1. Jr. FIRST Lego league, Grades K-3, ages 6-9
  2. FIRST Lego League, Grades 4-8, ages 9-16
  3. FIRST Tech Competition, Grades 9-12, ages 14-18
  4. FIRST Robotics Competition, Grades 9-12, ages 14-18

FIRST is an all inclusive program that allows development of many skill sets, the creation of many things, and the development of cooperative skills that will last a life time. Even after high school Alumni can come back to a team and help as mentors.

FIRST  Vision & Mission

“To transform our culture by creating a world where science and technology are celebrated and where young people dream of becoming science and technology leaders.”  Dean Kamen, Founder

“Our mission is to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders, by engaging them in exciting mentor-based programs that build science, engineering and technology skills, that inspire innovation, and that foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication, and leadership.”

FIRST creates and supports Gracious ProfessionalismTM and CoopertitionTM

FIRST  Values

“Gracious ProfessionalismTM

Dr. Woodie Flowers, FIRST National Advisor and Pappalardo Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, coined the term “Gracious ProfessionalismTM.”

Gracious Professionalism is part of the ethos of FIRST. It”s a way of doing things that encourages high-quality work, emphasizes the value of others, and respects individuals and the community.

With Gracious Professionalism, fierce competition and mutual gain are not separate notions. Gracious professionals learn and compete like crazy, but treat one another with respect and kindness in the process. They avoid treating anyone like losers. No chest thumping tough talk, but no sticky-sweet platitudes either. Knowledge, competition, and empathy are comfortably blended.

In the long run, Gracious Professionalism is part of pursuing a meaningful life. One can add to society and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing one has acted with integrity and sensitivity.”


CoopertitionTM produces innovation. At FIRST, Coopertition is displaying unqualified kindness and respect in the face of fierce competition. Coopertition is founded on the concept and a philosophy that teams can and should help and cooperate with each other even as they compete.

Coopertition involves learning from teammates. It is teaching teammates. It is learning from mentors. And it is managing and being managed. Coopertition means competing always, but assisting and enabling others when you can.”


FIRST robotics truly is the ”varsity sport for the mind,” and we here at N.R.G encourage anyone and everyone to take part in this organizations amazing programs.

Kamen, Dean, and FIRST. “Mission, Values, and Vision.” US FIRST. Web. 08 Feb. 2012. <>.

FIRST®, FIRST® Logo, FIRST® Robotics Competition, FRC®, FIRST® Tech Challenge, and FTC®, are registered trademarks of FIRST® ( which is not overseeing, involved with, or responsible for this activity, product, or service.


TESTING TESTING…. 1, 2, 3.  

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